Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rejuvenate In The Chills Of Darjeeling

After having a month-long task, your mind demands you to unwind in a place where a peaceful environment can soothe your perturbed mind. Working for hours at a stretch burns out your stamina, making your mind lethargic. Restore the lost energy back by giving your body and mind a fresh dose of a bracing getaway. When winter knocks at the door of your city, unleash your mind to fly in a place where the refreshing ambience drains your stress away. Winter is the time to step outdoors and bask in the warm sunshine amidst cold breeze, snow-peak hills, green valley and dark woods. Beat the freezing climate and let loose yourself to vivify yourself in the crowd-pleasing tourist destination spot of Darjeeling.

How To Reach: People looking for adventurous vacation can hit the adventures in the pride of the hill town situated in the northern part of West Bengal--Darjeeling.

By Train: Have an enjoyable joy ride in the train to reach the hilly regions up to New Jalpaiguri. After landing in the place, there are several shared cabs available to make you reach the frequented hills of Darjeeling.

By Air: The cozy air travel to Bagdogra airport will assure you a comfy air journey. From Bagdogra airport, you can easily reach to Darjeeling by several vehicles rolled out near the airport.

Best Time To Visit: Allure your senses anytime from June to September. Winter lovers can hop in the place to delight in the snow-covered regions in the months of December and January.

Accommodation: From the plush hotel stay to the low-end budget hotel stay, Darjeeling caters its tourists with countless top-notch resorts and hotels. Sightseeing: Get enamored with the enchanting views of the snow-capped hills of Darjeeling. Pay visit to monasteries and pagodas. Join in for thrilling activities in hiking and rafting. The picturesque view of Kanchenjunga from the Tiger Hill is a must visit spot. Uplift your spirit and capture the best moments in the captivating places of Kalimpong, Mirik and Lava.

Darjeeling Delights: Gorge in the delightful cuisines of Bengal, North-Indian, Chinese and Tibetan regions. From meat loafs to pork sausages, sizzlers to chicken salaami, gorge in the mouthwatering treats. Get yourself energized in the queen of hills--Darjeeling.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Signs Of A Rogue Mover

After the months of hard work, finally the day has arrived when you see your belongings getting loaded into the truck. Meanwhile, you and your family are busy with the last minute packing of luggage. After a while, your mover informs you that all the items are safely loaded and the moving truck is all set to leave the destination. You heave a sigh of relief. As soon as the truck leaves from your place, you also start your journey towards your new abode. On the way to your new home, you get a call from your mover demanding to increase the sum of moving costs. You are stunned to hear such unexpected demand from your mover. You are also being informed from your mover that the moving truck will not be reached to its location unless you agree to pay the new moving charges. In such a situation, you are left with no option but to meet your mover's demands.

Can your mover take such drastic step at the eleventh hour?

Have you read through all the points mentioned in the documents?
Do you have a receipt of the charges given by your mover?
Did your mover visit your home to have a look to the household goods for shifting process?
Did your mover give you an oral estimation without handing over an actual statement of estimation in black and white?
Did you assign the responsibilities of your possessions to a rogue mover?

This is the prime question that darts in your mind. It is possible for anyone to get in trap of a rogue mover. Many a time, people do not understand the difference between a rogue mover and an authorized mover. But, before you make your mind to sign the deal with your mover, you have the right to know and investigate each minute detail of the mover.

How will you recognize a rogue mover?

Do not forget that a rogue mover will send you red signals to your mind which you fail to spot them at the right time. No more falling in the traps of crafty movers. Protect yourself and your possessions from getting destroyed in the wrong hands. In this article, have an overview of the points and know the signs of a rogue mover. This article aims to make you alert and safeguard you from the unauthorized rogue mover.

1) The first sign to spot is a rogue mover will offer you an estimation of low cost. Either the estimation will be discussed over the phone or by sending a mail. The moving company might provide you a fake website of his company which bears the estimation of low cost to attract the attention of the consumers. By providing a low estimation at first, the mover lays a trap on the consumers, so that the mover can charge more later on.
2) Generally, an authorized mover makes estimation on the basis of the weight of the household goods. But, a rogue mover will make estimation on the basis of cubic feet. If you are not aware of the term 'cubic feet', then make yourself familiar with the term before you sign the estimation papers. A cubic feet is the truck space. At the time of estimation, a rogue mover will prepare estimates on the basis of truck space which is not legal according to the rules of the authentic movers. If a moving company offers you this type of estimation, reject it on the spot.
3) The moving company will never pay a visit to your residence to check your possessions. The moving company will not send any of his laborers to have a look or to inspect the condition of your possessions.
4) Without an on-site inspection of your household goods, the mover will ask for the money before the procedures of moving are carried out.
5) A rogue mover will never inform you about your rights and responsibilities on your moving. Usually, when a consumer has a discussion on the process of moving, a mover is bound to handover 'Your Rights And Responsibilities' brochure to the consumer. In such a case, a rogue mover will not provide this brochure to the consumers.
6) When you log on to a rogue mover's website, you will not come across with the mover's contact information and office address. Another point you will notice is that there will be no information given regarding the license of the moving company. When you glance through the entire website, you will find that there are no points covered on the insurance coverage by the moving company.
7) There are several queries a consumer has in mind to ask the mover. When you ring up to dial a number of the mover, you will get to hear a generic call. Other times, it may happen that your call in received by some other person, rather than the original head of the moving company. If you notice carefully, you will come to know the moving company's name is not said during a generic call.
8) In many occasions, a consumer has to visit the office of a moving company. When you go to visit the office of the moving company, you may get to see the office in shabby condition. In some cases, it has been seen that a consumer could not locate the office of a moving company. Most of the times, the offices of the rogue moving companies do not seem to exist.
9) A rogue moving company will never give the original address to its consumers. A fake address is given to the consumers. Hence, it is imperative to visit to your mover's office to verify the office address.
10) Pay attention when you talk to a rogue mover. A rogue mover will generally agree to your terms and conditions. All the replies given by your mover will be in positive.
11) There are websites available where you can verify the authorization of a moving company. The website such as Better Business Bureau and other websites aim to provide the tracks of moving companies. You can easily find out whether the moving company is original or not by looking at the records mentioned in the websites. A rogue moving company will never get its office name registered in any official websites. Even if a rogue mover does register the office name, it will be changed frequently.
12) Be patient and read slowly when you read documents given by the mover. If your mover asks you to sign a blank paper or any blank documents, step back from signing such fake documents. Signing such false documents can land you in trouble in your moving process. The rogue movers are likely to take advantage of the consumers' signature on the blank documents. Having signed on them, the rogue mover may add new clauses or amounts that were not mentioned in earlier documents. Be mindful in every step of your move.
13) On the day when you move, a rogue mover will send a rental truck bearing no name of the moving company. A rogue mover will see to it that your possessions get loaded in an ordinary rented truck instead of the company-owned truck.
14) Do not believe on the oral statements of a mover. A rogue mover will convince you into believing that all your household goods are covered by the insurance of the moving company.
15) Do you want to find a detail account on the rogue movers?
Click on to You will get a list of rogue movers that will make you alert in advance before you hire your desired mover. Make the best of the points mentioned above and prevent yourself from being a scapegoat in the hands of rogue movers.
Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Savor The Flavor Of Eggless Cakes

Cakes complement every occasion. One of the delighting treats for parties and functions has always been the toothsome cakes. The sweet ingredients titillate the taste buds and fascinate one to savor the taste. With various flavors available in the cake shops, your mind gets baffled by looking at the tempting cakes showcased in the bakeries. With each passing day, the ingredients of the cakes get better than before. Several types and sizes of cakes captivate the cake lovers. Since people are turning out to be health buffs, there are nutritious cakes teeming up in the cake shops to please the taste buds of health-conscious people. The eggless cakes are gaining its popularity worldwide. The eggless cakes can be relished by all age-groups. If you are prone to a disease or you are suffering from diabetes or cholesterol, keep your fear at bay. Satiate your palates in the delicious eggless cakes without fear.

 Healthy Side: The eggless cakes are prepared with the help of edible preservatives to sustain the sponginess of the cakes. Instead of eggs, the ingredients used in making the batter are apple sauce, dry fruits, potato starch, flaxseed, pureed fruits, nuts, baking soda and so on. The above mentioned ingredients used for eggless cakes elevate the nutritious sides. People who are inflicted with serious illness such as obesity and other health-connected diseases, eggless cakes could be the right healthy dessert for them. Also, there are people who are allergic to eggs. These eggless cakes are prepared to maintain a high-quality taste, keeping with the nutritious factor in mind.

Other Useful Sides: Make a tasty delight and gift patients who cannot indulge in the flavor of egg-based cakes. Please the taste palate of vegan with delicious eggless cakes. Gift your loved ones a box of healthy eggless cake on your loved one's birthday. Present a palatable eggless cake to the elderly persons on Thanksgiving Day. Savor on the healthy delight.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Soft Drinks Are Injurious To Health

Soft drinks are the favorite beverage found in every occasion. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, a social gathering, or a wedding party, soft drinks are the center of attraction among other beverages served in any social function. In other words, parties begin with opening up soft drink bottles. Are you aware of the other side of consuming soft drinks? On one hand, soft drinks make its center place in a social outing, business meetings and other occasions. On the other hand, it oozes out a host of disease harmful for health. It has been observed that some people are into the habit of consuming soft drinks after their meal. This article will shed light on why soft drink consumptions are injurious to health.

1)The phosphoric acid mixed in soft drinks leads to softening the bones. The consumption of soft drinks gives birth to osteoporosis and cavity problems. The phosphoric acid instilled in soft drinks gives rise to stomach acid, blocking the path of digestion.
2)The high amount of sugar added in soft drinks increases the level of blood sugar, making you prone to the deadly disease of diabetes.
3) The caffeine mixed in soft drinks is baneful for health. It ascends the risk of cancers, high blood pressure. It can create lumps in the breasts. You can feel the unease of irregular heartbeats.
4) One of the reasons of stomach infections is soft drinks. The water in the soft drinks you consume is the tap water which has harmful chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.
5) Quit the habit of soft drinks in order to be in shape. Consumption of soft drinks can take you in the path of obesity. People who drink soft drinks on and off are likely to fall in the pit of obesity.
6) The soda content in soft drinks which makes all to grab the bottle to consume has malicious effects. The soda has no nutritional value. Hence, the soda instilled in the soft drinks affect the functions of the body.

Drink healthy to stay fit.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Have A Flawless Look With The Right Foundation And A Right Moisturizer

If you have an office party or a festival round the corner, you will try every possible way to have a glamorous look. To be the centre of attraction is every woman's desire. The party glow of your face starts with cosmetics. To glam up your face, a foundation does the wonders. At times, you cannot figure out which foundation is the apt choice for your skin. In this article, you can get the information on how to pick the right foundation for your skin.

 Do Not Look For Online Beauty Products: If you are a first-time user, choosing and ordering cosmetics online could be dangerous. The cosmetic products displayed online will give you an idea of the latest cosmetic launched in the market. But to have a detail account on the cosmetic product, you need to head in to the drugstore to talk with the shop attendants before you apply the cosmetic. Research On The Brands: Before you hit the store for your pick, do an intensive research on the best foundation brands. Compromising on cheap brands leads you in a land of troubles. To name a few, Revlon, Covergirl and L'Oreal are the most popular brands you can count on.

The Right Shade: You can test the shades of foundation from the counters. All you need is to clean your face in order to know the shade of your skin type before you visit to a drugstore. With the various shades teeming in the market, it might seem tricky to choose the right shade. To know the best foundation for your skin, hunt for a shade that would vanish as soon as you apply on your skin.

Know Your Skin Type: If your skin is too oily in summer, go for a foundation that is oil-free. If you skin is too dry and your lacks the glossy touch, opt for a moisturized-based foundation. Mineral foundations are for those who have an aging skin or a sensitive skin. Look gorgeous with the right foundation. Handpick The Right Skin Moisturizer: After heading to a drugstore to purchase cosmetics, the wide range of cosmetic products baffles your mind. The branded products beckon you to experiment the innovative cosmetics launched in the market. In a bid to trying your hand in the new cosmetic products, you run a risk with your skin. You must be aware of the fact that moisturizers are highly recommendable for a glowing skin. As soon as you visit to a cosmetic store, you will get to see a variety of moisturizers displayed to grab your attention. Before making your mind to buy your desired moisturizer, halt a minute to think the right moisturizer for your skin. In this article, you will get to know the right moisturizer that tailors your complexion.

1) Basic Ingredients: When you hunt for a moisturizer, run your eyes over the basic ingredients that make your skin smooth and healthy. Glycerin, vitamin A and lanolin are the basic ingredients you should look for when buying a moisturizer.
2) Sunscreen-based moisturizer: To safeguard your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun, pick a bottle of moisturizer which is UV based to sustain the luster of your skin.
3) Know Your Skin Type: Various types of moisturizers are showcased in the market. Know your skin type before you pick your brand. If your skin is oily, then opt for a light oil-free moisturizer. If you have a complaint on your dry skin, then go for oil-based moisturizer. If your skin is allergic or sensitive, pick a moisturizer that is hypoallergenic.
4) Differentiate Your Moisturizer: Many people tend to confuse with their moisturizers. Do not use your face moisturizer in your body and your body moisturizer on your face. It is advisable to use different moisturizer for your face and body. If your face has too many acne marks, then apply a moisturizer that has alphahydroxy element to cleanse your skin from within. Look young and stay beautiful.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taste And Obtain The Benefits Of Apricots And Avocados

How about having a glass of milkshake apricots? Have you ever tried to add dried apricots in your daily meal? Have you tossed apricots in your breakfast cereal? Did your kids get the taste of sweet, juicy fruit salad of apricots? Not many people are aware of the yellowish-orange fruit named apricot. The smooth texture of apricots attracts people to indulge in the fruit. The sweet and juicy taste seems tasty to tongue and highly nutritious to health.

What Makes Apricot Nutritious? Apricots are brimmed with vitamin A, potassium, calories, vitamin C, copper and fibers.

Use Of Apricots: Apricots can be eaten in dried and raw forms. To enhance the taste in pastries, apricots are added. To give a delightful taste in bread, apricots-based jams are sold in the market. Raise a toast of brandy that is made of apricots.

Healthy Side Of Apricots: 

  1. Lose Weight With Apricots: Do you know the calorie count of apricots is very low? Hence, people who like to be in shape and people want to shed few kilos, delight in apricots. Apricots have high-fiber which helps to boost the digestive systems. 
  2. Keep Your Bones Strong: Keep osteoporosis at bay by consuming a plate of apricots regularly in your meal. Apricots are enriched with calcium to protect your bones from getting brittle. 
  3. Glossy Skin: Dump the artificial cosmetics and get hands on natural glow by consuming ample apricots enriched with vitamin A to make your skin glossy in a natural way. Get shot of acne with the help of consumption of apricots. 
  4. Lower Blood Pressure: A good amount of potassium found in apricots is beneficial for patients suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension. A daily intake of apricots reduces the risk factors associated with hypertension. 
  5. Infuse Good Cholesterol In Your Heart: Have half a cup of apricots for your healthy heart. Apricots are enriched with soluble fibers to keep the LDL in check. Thus, ingesting apricots are recommended to keep your heart free from bad cholesterol. 

 Stay hearty with fresh apricots.

Obtain The Benefits Of Avocados  

You must have tested various salads during your meal. Have you tried a salad preparation of Avocado? If not, then give a shot to the most liked and well-known vegetarian cuisine Avocado. Do you know this sought-after fruit can be used in sundry ways in your meal? In several countries, the fruit is used as milkshake, tasty sandwiches, sushis, chicken delicacies and so forth. The surprising side of Avocado is, it is not only used in delicacies, but also the fruit has a healthy side gifting nutrients needed for a body growth. Are you eager to know more? Have a glance through the article and get to know how to reap the benefits of Avocado.

Important Nutrients: Avocados consist of vital nutrients to safeguard you from body ailments. The calorie-rich fruit will infuse your body with extra energy, keeping you away from fatigue after exertion. Nutrients you intake from this fruit are fiber, protein, beta-sitosterol, lutein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, vitamin A, B, C, E and K.

Health Advantages: 

  1. Decrease In Cholesterol Level: With beta-sitosteral in Avocados, the fruit is quite powerful in decreasing the level of cholesterol. Patients afflicted with cholesterol can eat the fruit for a better result. 
  2. Anti-Inflammation Quality: With phytonutrient qualities present in Avocados, the fruit staves you from inflammatory reactions. 
  3. Control Diabetes: The fiber in Avocados is efficient to keep in check your sugar levels in blood. Root out diabetes with Avocados. 
  4. Fights With Cancer: Women suffering from breast cancer and males inflicted with prostate cancer ingest Avocados as much as possible. Avocados have oleic acid which averts the cancerous effects. 
  5. Heal Bad Breath: Eating Avocados will relieve you from bad breath as they are the natural agents of mouthwash. 
  6. Medication For Skin: For any skin disorders and irritations, nibble on Avocados and have a radiant skin for all life through.  

Have healthy results from Avocados.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Choose The Right Moving Boxes For Your Convenient Move

Living in a home for a long time helps you know every corner of your place, making you familiar with the surrounding of your home. You get acquainted with all the items and appliances kept in the kitchens, drawers and closets. You know very well where the cutleries are kept in kitchen. In times of emergency, you know from which drawer of your living room you can get your first-aid kit. If you run out of your grocery item, you know in which place of your room you keep the telephone directory. To invite your guests for a get-together or for an anniversary party, you know where the phone diary is kept. In short, spending a big chunk of life in one place provides you a security for yourself and makes you bonded with the place you have been residing for countless years. The pleasure of having spent in a place where you have been living for so long is an unbeatable experience. With changing times and demands, people are forced to detach the bonding of the home where they shared their good and bad times with other members of the family. Certain circumstances make you shift to a new location.

How about getting an enticing offer to stay in a well-furnished home? Your company has offered you with a well-furnished flat, along with other amenities available in the vicinity. A new flat is all set to give you the comforts you wish for. The cozy furniture, a well-designed kitchen, a spacious bathroom, beautifully decorated bedrooms and so on. One cannot decline such a sophisticated offer to start living in a well-furnished home.

On one hand, you are allured to ensconce in a new, well-decorated flat; on the other hand, the challenge of moving in a new locality gives you jitters. Transferring your prized possessions and your inestimable valuable items in a new residence becomes the prime concern of your move. Several questions about moving dart in your mind. Where you will get a reliable moving company? Will the mover take the onus of shifting your valuables in a secure way to your new abode? What if your delicate items get damaged during loading and unloading in the moving truck? How good the packing will be done by your mover? Will the expensive and fragile items be handled properly by your mover? The queries related to moving in a new home have no end. A never-ending worry regarding the shifting process dwells on mind. After paying a large sum of money to your mover for shifting your valuables safely in a new destination, you would certainly want to see all the pricey items in one piece. You cannot allow the swanky and priceless chandelier to be mishandled by your moving company. Don't you want to get your money's worth?

You start gearing up for your moving as soon as you are informed to shift to a new fully-furnished flat. As the moving date approaches, you ensure all the fragile and non-breakable items get properly packed. Generally, people overlook the packing vouch for the safety or damaged from breaking. Mere collecting boxes and stuffing the items will not give you a secure packing. To have a proper packing, you need the right packing supplies and strong moving boxes to prevent your pricey items from getting mutilated. The top-notch moving boxes and a good quality of packing materials are imperative when you start to place your valuables in the boxes. In this article, let us know how to choose the right moving boxes for your convenient move.

Sort The Right Moving Boxes: Before you start putting the items in the boxes, you should know what kind of items you want to pack inside the boxes. Keep the expensive, non-breakable, fragile items separately. For heavy items, you should look for cardboard boxes. If the items are light in weight, ordinary shipping boxes are the apt choice.

Places To Get The Boxes? You can buy the used boxes from grocery stores if the items are not delicate and not expensive. To pack the costly and fragile items, it is recommended to purchase new moving boxes from the stores.

Select The Small Boxes: The duty of your mover is to load the items in the truck and unload the items in your flat. But, it is you who decides which boxes should be moved in the appropriate rooms. Hence, the weight of the box is vital when moving the boxes in the rooms. You must keep in mind that each box should weigh 50 pounds for a convenient moving into your other rooms. To carry the boxes easily from one room to another, keep the weight of the boxes in mind.

Right Types Of Boxes For The Right Types Of Items: Can you place large items into a small box? You need your items to be fitted properly into the boxes. Hence, the size of box matters for a comfortable moving. First things first, know the type of items you want to put into the boxes. For packing items such as dishes, cutleries, lamps, first-aid kits, books and magazines, small kitchen appliances and so on, you should maintain the weight of the boxes up to 50 pounds. Pack your medium size electronic appliances and kitchen utensils, flower vases, small pillows, soft toys and so forth into the boxes which weigh up to 60 pounds. For packing the linens, kitchen utensils, crockery and appliances which weigh larger in size, make use of the boxes that weigh not more than 65 pounds. If you are thinking what should be the maximum weight for packing the boxes that contain heavy items, then the answer is right here. Pack the large size pillows, blankets, cushions for couch and sofas, any heavy wooden materials into the boxes which can weigh up to 70 pounds.

Use Of Cubic Box: The boxes which are rectangular in shape are best ones for carrying your blankets, heavy cushions and other household items. The items get easily fitted into the cubic box and can be lifted and carried in any place.

Hanging Wardrobe Boxes: No one likes to wear crumpled clothes. After shifting to a new abode, you would not like to see the outfits in your suitcase in a wrinkled manner. Take care to get your clothes neatly and rightly packed in the boxes. There are certain types of outfits which need a special kind of box to prevent the clothes from getting crumpled. Use hanging wardrobe boxes which are available in many sizes and are designed like a wardrobe. You can hang your clothes on a metal bar attached in the wardrobe. For any hanging objects, the wardrobe boxes come to avail.

Mirror Boxes: Those framed pictures on the walls enhance the beauty of your homes. The eye-catching artwork hung on the walls of your living room and on the staircase uplifts the aesthetic side of the place. The large decorative mirrors and classy showpieces beautify the look of your home. You cannot leave behind these pricey artworks at your old home. Shift your expensive, delicate mirror artworks and fancy framed pictures safely in mirror boxes. The box is designed to keep brittle items and to carry them with ease.

Let your most loved objects embellish the appearance of your new home. Get the right boxes for the right items.
Have a safe move.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bask In The Coastal State Of Kerala And Revive In The Ayurvedic Treatments

Close your eyes and imagine a place where you are strolling in the midst of coconut groves and rice paddies, having boat rides, walking along the sandy beaches, trekking in the mountainous Ghats, indulging in an exotic wildlife, spending a leisure time in houseboats and delighting in the toothsome, spicy delicacies of the place. Wake up from the momentarily dream and fly in the coastal state of Kerala. The term 'God's Own Country' goes well Kerala. Kerala welcomes all to take pleasure in the spectacular scenic beauties and to witness a benign charm of the place. How To Reach: The sought-after destination Kerala can be traveled by various routes. To have a sea voyage, Cochin sea-port is the easy route to help you reach Kerala. If you wish to have a luxurious air journey, then you have to start your flight journey from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode airports of the state. If you plan for an adventurous road journey, then have long drives to reach your destination. Indian railways are always there to cater you with super-fast trains to help you arrive in your dream destination.

Places To Stay: Budget-friendly resorts and hotels are available for all tourists from India and overseas. The high-end accommodation facilities are commendable. Sightseeing: The backwaters and beaches are ready to captivate your mind. Dwell in the hills of Kerala for some days to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Unleash your adventurous side and explore the wildlife in the dense woods of Kerala.

Best Time To Visit: Feel the chills and thrills in the season of winter. Shopping And Dining: Handpick the best handicrafts, beautifully designed shell crafts, objects made of wood and horn. Take along the aromatic spices to get the Kerala’s flavor in your food. The textile and the coir objects of Kerala are mind boggling and one of the must-have items to add in your shopping list. The spicy dishes can make drool over any visitors to binge on the delicious dishes plate out in the restaurants of Kerala.

Pamper Yourself In Kerala's Top Ayurvedic Resorts: The backwaters of Kerala and the nature's beauty beckon any tourist to unwind and spend time in the lush greenery of the place. The added benefit is the medicinal plants and herbs are found in abundance to revivify your body and to freshen up your mind. The Ayurveda treatments that are provided by the experts are refreshing. A new wave of energy is unleashed in your body after having the Ayurveda treatments. Places Of Ayurveda Treatments: The Ayurveda treatments of Kerala have made its mark across the globe. To get cured from your ailments, Ayurveda treatments give a healing and a lasting effect on the injured areas. Get the healing treatments at resorts, wellness centers and Ayurvedic clinics. Run your eyes over some of the top-notch Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala.

1) Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort: The resort is situated near Kovalam which caters meditation programs, yoga, Ayurveda to restore your ailments and to revitalize your body and mind. Relax in the natural environment and rejuvenate yourself in the resort located near the Kovalam beach.

2) Beach And Lake Ayurvedic Resort: It is an ideal place to unwind and invigorate the lost energy in you. The ecstatic view of the backwaters and the beach infuses vitality in the mind of every person. Indulge in the homely service and pep up your body with Ayurvedic therapy and yoga.

3) Ideal Ayurvedic Resort: It is the name you can count on for the best Ayurvedic treatments. The resort is located near a beach and amid coconut palms in Kovalam. The Ayurvedic treatments offered in the resort give a lasting positive result.

4) Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort: A highly professional service on Ayurveda treatments can be obtained in the resort. The resort is situated on the hilly region at Chowara and it is very near to Kovalam beach. Delight in the refreshing ambience of the resort along with the powerful healing Ayurveda treatments by the expert professionals. The beautiful setting of the resort is designed to soothe your mind and to get shot of your ailments. Renew yourself in the Ayurvedic resorts of Kerala.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grow Business With Managed Web Hosting

Few months ago, you have started a small business of a boutique in a posh locality. The business profit is not up to scratch. How to make your small business more lucrative? Business is not about making quality goods or offering top-notch services to your clients and purchasers. The medium to sell the products is considered as an important tool in business. If you browse internet, you will come across innumerable online business. Have you ever thought of presenting your boutique in the online market? In other words, online shopping is revving up these days. To save time and energy, an optimum place to let your buyers purchase your boutique stuff in online stores.  
In the world of website and internet, people count on search engines and e-commerce to get what they look for at one go. Starting a small business of online stores is profitable for you and convenient for your customers. Instead of making your purchasers hop in the stores, give them a pleasure of online shopping.   How will you start the online store? If you think you have to complete a long procedure to own an online store, you are wrong. Have a glance in this article to know how the managed web hosting will help you in running your e-store.  

To get your business identified in the world, you need a web host to give your work a social recognition. Having your business profile in the website is essential for future prospects. How will your customers know about your products if there is no website of your own? To have a prosperity in business, seek help of a web host. Your web host will make the hosting service comfortable and affordable to you by offering coupon codes to derive the web hosting benefits. Make your web hosting service enjoyable by using coupon codes for the improvement of your business.

Know About Managed Hosting: It has been noticed that people meet with server issues when working with computer. When you are in the thick of things and you face a server problem, your computing work gets affected. Signing up for a managed hosting will keep your server issues at bay. It is the duty of a web host to manage the server hassles, giving their web users a hassle-free service. To fulfill your business requirements, signing up for a managed hosting is a wise step for your business.

Cost-Effective And Time Consuming: No need to run helter-skelter, if you get stuck in any website-related issues. The managed hosting ensures to protect you from any hardware or software hassles. A web host offers a wide range of cost-effective services. While you focus in administering your business, you do not have to worry about the technical problems that can hamper your business. You do not have to waste your time in solving glitches, as they are taken care and well-managed by web hosts.

Operational Services: To survive in the competitive business market, uplift your business by way of operational services. A managed hosting does all the minor and major work to provide you a supreme level of operational service.

Suit Your Business Requirements: If you are running short of amount and you are on a tight budget, modify your hosting needs as per your business needs. In a managed hosting, get the benefits of having the services that tailor with your business.

Prosper Your Business: Give your time and efforts to the production of business. Let the managed hosting service handle the complex sides of the maintenance of website. Make your small business fruitful with managed hosting service.

Reach the height of success with ease.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Few Approaches To Curb The Moving Expenses

For several years, you have been living in a home where every corner of your place is familiar to you. You are friendly with every small and big items kept in the closets, drawers of the rooms. Owing to certain circumstances, you are about to move to a new location in the midst of strangers and an unknown surrounding. A new challenge is set before you. Moving in a new place is no less than a challenge, isn't it?  
Getting your prized possessions and your valuable items shifted in one piece is the biggest concern for all who move. After you come up a list of belongings you need to take along, you realize the moving expense will end up higher. Scratching your head and pondering over how to minimize the expense will not sort out the problem.  

Moving to a new home with a moving company will certainly break your bank. But when it comes to moving, you can't skimp on the useful and requisite items. Have a rundown on the points below to know how to economize your budget when signing up for a mover.

If you are moving to a long distance, your moving budget is bound to be expensive. The transportation cost, moving fees and additional costs added by a moving company will cost you a hefty price. There are ways to curb the cost when hiring a moving company. Follow the methods mentioned below when renting a moving truck.

  1. Mitigate The Items: List out the stuff you need the most. Keep the much-needed items aside. Now, enlist the items which seem to be less important. Having listed those, you can put those books, toys, clothes and other stuff to a garage sale or donate in the charitable institutions. Things that seem to be impossible to put on bargain or on sale, let the items used by needy ones. Giving the items, which can be reusable, in charity is the best thing you can do. The less you transit, the less cost you bear. 
  2. Move When Fares Are Lower:  Schedule the move when business is quiet. The best time to hire a mover is when the business activity of the company runs low. Select the right time to cut down your expense. Also, ask for special deals offered by your mover during off-duty season. 
  3. Reserve Movers Ahead Of Time: Reserving your movers at the eleventh hour increases the chance of moving expense. To curb the amount, it is advisable to reserve a moving crew in advance. Call for a mover months ahead of your moving date. 
  4. Ask For Different Service Charges: Before you sign up with your mover, have insights on the various service charges such as charges on accessories and others. It is always better to know the list of service charges from the mover and the fees related to it. Having done so, you will get a clear idea on the services you need the most and then go for the charges accordingly. 
  5. Arrive In Your New Flat Before Time: Reach your new abode before the moving truck drives up at your place. As soon as the items-loaded truck arrives, get them unloaded and placed at your new home at once. Having reached your new place in advance can save you from storage cost. 
  6. Pack As Much As You Can: Take help of people you know can assist you in packing the maximum stuff. Choose items that need a professional packing such as electronic appliances. The less are packed, the less money is likely to expend.  

Have a cost-effective move.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snack On Low-Calorie Foods And A Hearty Oatmeal When Hungry

Are you one of them who like to munch when hunger pangs hit? Whenever hunger growls your stomach, you hunt for a chocolate bar or a pack of chips or cookies that can only curb your hunger for a while, leaving you insatiated and no nutritional factors to pep your systems up. When hunger hits, people turn on to unhealthy bites that keep their stomach full, making no room for lunch or dinner.  Snack on the bites that are calorie-controlled and supplemented with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Feast your eyes on the snacks that will increase the appetite for healthy picks.
Next time when you get an urge to munch, satiate yourself with low-calorie diets to energize you from inside and healthy from outside.  Have a rundown on some healthy snacks best for health.  As soon as the hunger bell strikes you, do not start filling your mouth with tasty, unwholesome munchies. Think before you eat. Check on the calorie count and the unhealthy side to what you are ingesting.

A) Look For Nuts: If you are working or studying, fuel yourself up by a handful of almonds, nuts and apricots when you feel hungry between your task.

B) Pick On Sprouted Grain Chips: If hunger makes you run through the house looking for a pastry, pattice or salty potato chips in the kitchen, then toss out those greasy and high-calorie delishes and fill a bowl of nutritional sprouted grain chips made of grains, seeds and beans enriched with protein and fibers.

C) Have A Bite On A Granola Bar: Dump your chocolate bar and get your hands on to a sweet granola bar which is nutrition-filled and contains protein and nine amino acids.

D) Delight In Greek Yogurt: Rooting Through the refrigerator for a chilled ice-cream topped with nuts and frooties? Give a sweet treat to your taste by delighting yourself up with Greek yogurt enriched with probiotics and protein.

Stay on friendly terms with quickie eats by opting low-calorie snacks.

Indulge in a delicious and healthy treat in your breakfast with oatmeal.

A breakfast in the morning acts like a fuel to keep you sailing for the whole day. As it is always recommended, having a healthy breakfast is requisite to keep your body system working in a good condition. Snacking on oily and spicy eatables in the morning can aggravate the immune system and other body functions. Cherry-pick the healthy foods when eating in the morning. Switch on to a hearty bowl of oatmeal. The beneficiary factors of oatmeal will leave you awestruck and will inspire you to eat for a healthy body.

 Have an overview of the nutritious sides of delighting on oatmeal.

1) Enriched With Antioxidants: The antioxidant quality in oatmeal combats with free radicals, averts bad cholesterol. As a result, you keep cardio-related disease at bay.

2) Regulate Blood Sugar: Stay away from insulin and keep your sugar levels under control. Oatmeal is rich in fiber which helps regulate the levels of sugar. Chuck diabetes out of your life by clicking on to oatmeal for your morning breakfast.

3) Lifts Up Immune System: The beta-glucose fiber in oatmeal speeds up the immunity power in a human's body. Thereby, eating oatmeal with milk builds up your resistance power from inside to keep you sturdy from outside.

4) Prevents Obesity: The excess fat in the body gives rise to a host of diseases. Grab a bowl of oatmeal to keep you in shape and not to binge on salty snacks when hunger hits your stomach. A bowl of oatmeal will keep you full all day long. Get in shape with oatmeal.

5) A Package Of Good Health: Oatmeal comprises minerals, vitamins, protein, iron and carbohydrates required to keep you steady at all times.

 6) Flavor It Up: Meliorate the taste of oatmeal by adding pieces of fruits, raisins and a spoon of crushed brown sugar or powdered sugar to sweeten the taste a bit.

Be in the pink of health with oatmeal.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stay Fit With Organic Green Tea

The brewing aroma of tea leaves incites one to have sips of tea several times in a day. Consuming tea in the morning is indeed a refreshing start. To rule out lethargy or to have gossips with friends, tea beverage is preferred by many. Starting a day with a cup of tea or having tea breaks between your work unleashes a new wave of energy to start your task at full tilt.

With various brands and types of tea teeming in the market, organic tea is the best bet and preferred by health buffs. Organic tea is abounding in the global market because of its healthy factors associated with it. Let us have a look in this article, the health factors contribute to consumption of organic tea.

Origin And Benefits: Tea was first originated in China. Later, it got transported to UK and then sailed to different parts of the country. The types of tea depend on the harvest and the drying process. Tea is an antioxidant beverage enriched with manganese, potassium, vitamins and calcium. Drinking organic herbal tea triggers deadly diseases such as arthritis, bone problems, heart aches, cataracts and so forth.

Why Organic Tea Is Good For Health? Unlike the processing of other tea leaves, organic tea is immune d from baneful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. Organic tea is processed in a natural way with the application of hygienic method. Organic tea comes in the form of black tea and green tea.  

Healthy Factors Of Organic Green and Black Tea: The antioxidant property of green tea depletes the level of cholesterol and mitigates the levels of blood insulin. To get rid of tooth decay, plaque, get into the habit of drinking green tea. The organic black tea averts one from cancer and cardiac ailments, keeping your heart hearty for long. Have sips of organic tea to remain sturdy and vibrant.

Are you a health-conscious person? Are you selective in diet? Kick-start your day with a rejuvenating green tea. With thermo-genic qualities, green tea exhausts your metabolism and depletes your unnecessary food cravings, resulting in losing your weight in a natural way.  Get on the positive side of green tea which mitigates the level of lipid fats you imbibe when you ingest food, giving a beneficiary outcome in reducing the level of cholesterol and keeping your heart hearty for long.

Read through the tips to know how consumption of green tea can help lose your weight.

  1. Drink green tea in place of coffee every morning to improve your health and infuse energy all day long. Avoid fillers in your green tea, as they can dent the qualities of the tea. 
  2. A repeated consumption of green tea is advisable, as the tea contains less percentage of caffeine and deters you from frequent food cravings. It is best to have green tea before or after your meal. 
  3. Having sips of green tea along with a morning jog enhances a better result in curbing your weight. Green tea has an amino L-theamine which increases your focus ability, keeps you cool and infuses a wave of tranquil in your mind. 
  4. Start your day with an energizing beverage. What better than a cup of green tea to fill you with abundance of energy throughout the day. Green tea has the attribute to suppress the desire of snacking every now and then, which in turn, curbs your unhealthy diet and prevents you in gaining extra pounds.
  5. Get into the habit of drinking tea on a regular basis. The habitual practice of drinking green tea will prepare your body to use up less fat over a long period of time. 

Tick off the unhealthy beverages and get hold on to a exhilarating hearty green tea.

Writer- Aparna Mukherjee

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tips To Hand-pick The Color Contacts For Every Occasion

Are you the one who always try to have a perfect look at a party? Are you a fashion-conscious person? Does your dressing style, accessories, makeup, etc forge a fashion statement for others? When enhancing the features of your face, did you pay heed to intensify the look of your eyes? Give a trendy look to your eyes following the right color contact lenses mentioned in the article. Color contacts are worn to give you a fresh and subtle look for your daily use or for a party look. If you have no problem of fuzzy vision, then make a choice of Plano color contacts to give a desirable variation and a shiny glint to your eyes. Have a look to the types of color contact lenses need to fit your eyes for every occasion. Color contacts are usually tailored to match the iris, to erase the artificiality look of the eyes. Anything natural catches the attention. Three types of tints of color contacts to elevate the additional feature of your eyes are as follows:

 1) Opaque Tint—Have a leeway to modify the color of your eyes matching your pupil by using opaque tint for dark-colored eyes. A range of color variations you can avail are blue, violet, brown, grey and green.

 2) Visibility Tint-- For any reason if you want to take out or insert a lens, a light blue or green tint is affixed to it to make your vision vivid and better without causing an eye injury.

 3) Enhancement Tint-- Brighten your eyes by trying out the enhancement tint which is semitransparent and lucid. Touch up with dark-colored lenses to retain the innate look and to enrich your beautiful eyes. Prettify the appearance of your eyes with the three tints.

How to hand-Pick The Right Color Contacts ? An expressive eye can unveil one's personality. Like other accessories you match with your dress, don't you wish to have a make-over for your eyes? Changing the color of eyes that goes well with your dress is the on-going trend of these days. When a wide variety of color lenses are showcased in the market or at the optician's showrooms, one would like to give a shot of them.
A color lense is capable enough to uplift your feature. With varied colors available in the stores, give your eyes a subtle, dramatic, or a confident look matching the occasion. Before applying a color lense, know how to choose the right color contacts to go with your eyes and personality. When you select a color lense, keep in mind the frequency of wearing a lense and the use of a lense. Is it for a daily use or only for special occasions? A natural light color is the best fit for a daily wear; whereas, cherry-pick dark colors for your party and functions.
 Tips To Follow:
A) Cherry-pick the color contacts as per your skin tone. Get your hands on the light colors to have an effective touch on your eyes. To have a sexy glint in your eyes, go for smoky colors such as amethyst or autumn to complement the overall countenance.
B) Hand-pick dark hues that will give a profound touch to your eyes for people with fair complexion. Turquoise or aqua could be your best pick.
C) For tanned-complexion people, the color preference should be bright that would glint your eyes. Opt for honey color to have a warm glow or a misty grey for a seductive look to your eyes. Let your eyes shine with olive color lens. Try out the colorful hues and make the heads turn at you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Six Traits Of Highly Successful People

A classy interior of a cabin, a high-profile designation bearded on a cabin-door, a six-digit figure in your paycheck add an executive feel in your confident outlook. From a cubicle to a cabin, the journey is long and painstaking. Reaching to a higher rank is not a cakewalk. You need to strive and leave no stones unturned to make your place in the position you wish to see yourself. Who does not want to be felicitated, clapped and extolled by others? Who does not wish to wear a crown of success? Success achieved in any spheres of life gets ingrained in the mind for long to keep you sailing in your upcoming endeavours. Mere reading about successful people and dreaming to be
like them will not make you successful. Success showers on those who make earnest attempts in pursuing their burning desires by standing the test of time and traits that help them climb the success ladder.

There is a key to every solution; likewise, there are traits to surmount challenges come in your way to shape your victory. Have a rundown of the traits of highly successful people that can be a guiding light towards success.

1) Persistent Effort: Fruits of endeavours are ripened only when the sincere efforts and hard woqk are sowed. Successful people believe in diligence, rather than on destiny.
They dared to come out of their comfort zone and toiled day in day out; thereby, liberating their true potential. A burning sense of passion with persistent effort acted most potent fuel for them to make their dreams come true.
2) Desire To Learn: Constant learning is the buzz word for constant growth in life. Successful people follow this principle sincerely that has distinguished them from the rest. It is the crave for learning and exploration to fresh ideas and new subjects they come across that have made them victorious. They dip their fingers in the vast pool of knowledge and set their mind upon deriving more wisdom. The desire of digging and their insatiable appetite of learning have made them shine in the crowd. They believe in upgrading their skills only by way of continuos learning, thereby, expanding their horizon.

3) Self-Experimentation: Usually, failure tends to cripple humanbeings. Successful people are on a belief that a failure is imperative to expand self. Instead of getting shot of risks, plunge in the risks and set off on the roads less travelled. Improve one's
inner world by experimenting things on self can take one to a great height. Taking time to work on the ins and outs on self-improvement makes a person truly successful.

4) Faith in self is the key to success. Successful people have a tremendous faith on self with an indomitable will to win. A profound faith in one's abilities and a killer-instinct to win can never stop anyone from wearing a success crown.

5) Be A Self-Starter: Fortune favours those who know to carve their own path. One needs to come out of lazy zone and begin to take action without being informed. Initiating work without being told and undertaking the project with responsibility makes one a successful person.

 6) Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking: By honing the creative skills and imagination, one can open the doors of possibilities around them. Thinking of the new ideas in one's setback and using out-of-the-box imaginings to come out with a creative outcome is a sign of a

successful person. The above mentioned six traits will help master you to make you a successful achiever on your own.

Writer- Aparna Mukherjee

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Develop Your Business With The Three Prominent Developers

Thinking of how to expand your business? 

How will you go about to achieve it? You leave no stones unturned to draw your clients' attention towards your business. Still, you feel something is lacking, and your work is not up to scratch. Uplift your business strategy.

How? Keep reading this article to know the latest and innovative ways to boom your business. To make a firm place in a competitive world, you need to keep your skills up to speed. The one-stop point to update
you is to be well versed in your sphere of life. From informations to shopping, all happens in an instant in the world of internet. Present days are the days of websites. The three prominent things you need to catch your clients' attention and to shine in the crowd in the long run. Wordpress developer, magento developer and dedicated developer to give you a stable position in the crowd of competitors. Let us know in brief these three things to bolster your business.

 A) Wordpress Developer: Wordpress is a content management system to impart information by way of blog posts. It was first used as a blogging system. With the passage of time, Wordpress emerged as CMS with countless plugins, widgets and themes. It is a span-new software with a full-fledged product, with accessibility to all. The added upside is one can alter the software to improvise the design accordingly. To
grow your traffic flow, an appealing theme is the first impression of your client's interest. Wordpress, being user-friendly, it has a number of site users. And today, it is a popular blogging tool. Have a Wordpress developer to spread your business across the globe.

B) Magento Developer: In the age of eCommerce, numerous tools will catch your sight for custom web design and development. Use the best for a better enhancement to your website. The only name in this field to count upon is Magento. It is one of the rapidly growing eCommerce stream to bring your business in the limelight. Special features of Magento make it a feature-rich tool. One of the advantages is, it has a built-in SEO, with a feature of multi-store capacity to give its users the facility to carry out countless stores with the same backend interface. Use a top-notch developer customization to have a unique and stellar presence for your website. Magento is designed from time to time by designers to give fresh features. Hire a Magento developer to highlight your business.

C) Dedicated Developer: To make your business successful in the long run, have a Dedicated developer, as it caters you to get the right skills you hunt for. You being the owner of your company gets no time to keep your technological skills updated. Hire a Dedicated developer to give you the best service and to provide you a top-rated service with profit at the most for you and your clients. Get the three technological wonders now to take your business to a great height.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Seafood: An Unique Dining Experience

The blue salty water, fresh air, the swaying of palm tree leaves, powdery sand and the aroma of cooked seafood from distant when hit your nose carry your mind to the land of seafood eateries. The crabs, prawns, lobsters, tuna, squid, shrimp and salmon when dipped in colorful spices and served in the platter makes you drool over, isn't it? Is it just the taste that drives your mind to binge on the food? Certainly, not! Despite of the delectable taste, seafood is enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals. Deep beneath the crystal water is the nature's assets of delicacies which is just not pleasurable to appetite but a wonder for your health.  The exotic meat found under water, the seafood, is loved by health conscious people and foodies.

The plentiful qualities of seafood attract all to gorge on, and thus tagged one of the most liked meal for all. This is the reason why people feast on their eyes and their palate with nutritious riched seafood. Read this article to know the nutritious side of seafood.

Tasty Side: The ever-growing demand of seafood has topped the menu list of the seafood restaurants across the globe. A lot of variety can come up with dishes of seafood. Make tasty experiments with seafood’s by way of grill, barbecue, steam, salsa, pasta and lasagna. The upsides of seafood are it is easy to cook, and it takes care of taste and health as well. To increase your hunger, a creamy soup of salmon could be a hearty meal. A bowl of shellfish stew goes great with bread. Smoked salmon could be a sumptuous supper. Give a touch of green by having seafood dressed with calamari rings and samphire and a lot more to please your appetite in no time.

Healthy Side: As earlier said, seafood is liked for its taste and health benefits. For health buffs who steer clear of fats, seafood is an apt diet for them. Enriched with proteins and vitamins, seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help to protect from cancer, high-blood pressure and heart attacks. Also, it boosts the immune system and plays a role of an anti-inflammatory agent. For figure-conscious ladies, dive in the taste of seafoods without hesitation, as they have less fat in comparison with livestock meat.

The EPA and DHA factors in seafood save you from blood clots and inflammation. For older people, to get shot of joint aches, seafoods are highly recommended. High with retinal and omega-3 fatty acids, shellfish boosts bright vision. To run your body system smoothly, fill your plates with seafoods which have essential nutrients like iodine, potassium, zinc and selenium. For a glow and vibrant skin, eat lots of seafood to retain your skin firm and flexible and keep your skin problems at bay. Gorge in and savor the authentic flavours of delicious seafood. Get on to your foodie mood by plunging in the ocean of delectable seafoods.
Author: Aparna Mukherjee.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ease The Unease Of Sunburn

Long days, handkerchiefs and umbrellas in hands, wide-rimmed sun hats, warm breeze, humidity, blazing heat, and lonely streets signify the onset of summer time. It is the time to keep your body cool and to quench your thirst in chilled beverages. Life doesn't let you be cost at all times. Although you feel like, you can't sit at home in front of the coolers and under the air conditioners. Be it any season, you have to step out of your comfort zone to earn your livelihood.
Hence, a special care to be taken when you are outdoors during summer days. If summer is the name of playtime and vacation, it is also a house of diseases. During this time, people are likely to suffer from heat-related skin problems.  Taking care of skin is vital in all seasons. Summer is the time when skin gets affected the most from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. One such is sunburn. People are prone to tan and sunburn due to prolong exposure of scorching heat on the skin. Before going into the detail of how to get shot of sunburn, let us get to know a bit about sunburn.

Sunburn And Its Causes: A continuous exposure to sun rays for a longer period of time makes your skin red and inflamed, along with a burning sensation. Factors linked to sunburn are your skin type, the intensity of the sun and the duration your skin is exposed to the hot rays. Having sunburn could be an alarming signal to make you aware you are at risk of skin damage.

Signs Of Sunburn: A sunburned skin gets red and pains by the heat of the UV rays. If the sunburn gets harsh, you can get the feel of swell and blisters. Other signs are nausea, headache, weakness and flu.
Quick Home Remedies: Coming to the significant point on how to keep your skin protected from sunburn. Following are the easy remedies to have a soothing relief from the burn.

Have a rundown of few remedies to beat the burn: 

1) A cool compress on the sunburned area is a great heal.
2) For a cool and refreshing relief on the sun burnt skin, slather Aloe Vera gel for a quick heal.
3) Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath water to get a soothing effect on the sun burnt place.
4) To have an instant effect and to work wonders on the painful sunburn area, slather yogurt.
5) Wrap few ice cubes in a towel and dab it directly on the sunburned place.
6) Apply a paste of milk and turmeric on the sun burnt area. Keep it for 10 minutes. Rinse off with
lukewarm water.
7) Use of Vitamin E helps buffer the inflammation of the sunburn.
8) Make a chilled cucumber paste and apply in the affected areas.
Make sun your friend by filling yourself with adequate water, shield yourself with sunscreen, avoid direct contact with the sunrays and retain a natural glow by applying the remedies. No ouch from the sunburn. No fear of UV rays. Make summer time your fun time!

Author: Aparna Mukherjee.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

No More Scare Of Acne Scars

Although it is heard looks are secondary and beauty is skin deep, people leave no stones unturned to have an impeccable look. Be it your gray hair or dark circles under your eyes, a tiny spot gives you a cause to fret.
Hearing about the spot, you must be reminded of the pimples, acnes and the aftermaths of those. An unwelcome mark on the skin makes a dent on your appearance and so in your confidence.
Talking about acne, when it gets popped leaves behind a patch of damaged skin. As a result, the red inflammation on the skin gives you an ugly scar. A prick or a squeeze on the acne aggravates the dead skin, increasing the risk of the treatment.

What Causes Acne?

Increase in hormone production, bacteria that envelop in the clogged follicles, heredity, junk food and dairy products, stress, certain medications, exposure to chemical products and harsh cosmetics. Home Remedies To Get Shot Of Acne Scars: An embarrassing mark on the face reflects your personality. Not all can afford the cost of surgical treatments and therapeutic medications which takes a long time to heal. Instead of grumbling over acne issues, get treated your acne scars by following natural products found around your house. Glance through the rundown of few remedies mentioned below:
A) Oranges: The consumption of citrus fruit with its healing properties is beneficial in removing the acne scar. Bear in mind not to throw the peel. Dry the peels, make fine powder by grinding them and blend it with drops of rose water. Apply on the acne mark. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water.

B) Aloe Vera: Needless to say that aloe Vera is the best unequivocal skin care medicine. All you need to do is after severing a leaf, peel out the outer layer, scoop out the sticky gel and apply in the affected area of your skin. Let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water. Repeat twice a day.

C) Tomato Pulp: Tomatoes being a high-water content vegetable helps revive skin and remove acne scar. Dice and crush the pieces of tomatoes until you get a liquidy pulp. Apply it to the areas of acne scars. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use of soap is harmful.

D) To soothe an inflammation, ice is the best heal. Wrap an ice cube in a piece of cloth and place over the acne scar for 15 minutes, once a day.

E) Neem Leaves: The antibacterial quality of the plant cures the inflammed area of the skin. Make a paste of few leaves and place it over the acne scar for 15 minutes. Have a gentle wash. Repeat once a day for a week. No need of cosmetic products for acne removal when the solutions are right at home. By applying the remedies, you can now erase the ugly scars overtime. No panics, no sleepless nights and no more scare of acne scars.

Author: Aparna Mukherjee

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shop On The Web

Sometimes when you are loaded with work, you wish a fairy to appear before you and do all your work in the blink of an eye. In short, you wish for something that would consume your time and energy, with an optimum outcome to you. Also, in the world of web and internet, people bank on search engines and e-commerce to get what they look for at one go. From information to shopping, all less than one roof of internet.

Can you deny the fact that shopping is one of the reasons of happiness? 

Be it for yourself or for your dearies, shopping gives you an immense joy. But expending bucks on the stuffs, sometimes don't give you the pleasure of shopping. Hence, go for online shopping where you purchase the products on the web, giving you a hassle-free and a money-saving purchase with an array of choices on your items and no running helter-skelter from one counter to another.

Why Shop Online? 

Your kid has topped in her class, and you wish to reward something of her favorite. Since you have e-store right in front of you, you don't have to rush to a store to purchase it. Just browse through the products you have in mind and you are a click away from your child's gift.

Let us glance through some of the upsides of online shopping. 

  • Shop at Your Ease: That pink suit with satin laces you had been hunted in stores is now at your e-store. No need to enlist the shopping centers, no need to dress up and drive to a store, no waiting for the opening hours. Now sit back in your comfy chair, compare the best deals on the computer screen and pick the items among a wide range of products direct online.  The good part is you online shoppers can select your own convenient time and day to shop in the online mall. 
  • Limitless Choice: Mostly, stores offer you with limited products. At times, after looking through shelves, you don't get the exact stuff you have come for, and you return home with an upset face. Shopping online lets you to look through countless products with endless varieties. In case, you don't get the product of your choice in one online store, you get the power to step in to the next one. 
  • Prices: In store, you are left with no option but to settle for the price tagged in the items. In online shopping, you have a leeway to browse through numerous websites to get your best deal. Also, you will get your product within your budget because the business owners lessen their profit margin to draw the attention of the consumers toward them. 
  • Privacy: To pick your personal stuff in a store, you face uncomfortable stares from the shop attendants. Whereas, in online shopping, you have no one to make you embarrass. Not only this, the receipts are prepared keeping in mind your privacy and no one gets to know about your purchased items.  An easy access to get your products on-the-go is online shopping. 

Shop smart and visit in the internet mall now! Have a pleasure shopping!
Author- Aparna Mukherjee

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Party Time with Cheese and Wine

What is your expression to share your celebratory mood? 

Treats and parties, isn't it? 
What better than to have a tinge of fun with the near and dear ones under a roof, accompanied by music and good food?
On hearing 'party', a wave of energy and zeal run through in your body, and you get eager to drench in the party environment. You must have been the guest to parties many a time.
How many times you had the pleasure of being a host of your party?

If throwing parties give you an immense pleasure, then next time give your guests an innovative theme of cheese and wine. Wow your guests by setting the mood of a party with tasty wines and cheeses. Read below to know how to set an impeccable 'wine and cheese party'.
Set The Table:  Lay a table aesthetically by placing a bottle of wine, pairing with a platter of cheese. Make small counters of cheese and wine. Let your guests walk around and delight in the taste of your party-theme, rather engage in chats and stand in one place. By placing cheeses and wines in different tables, you offer an array of choices to your guests to indulge in the flavours they desire. Fresh flowers are always welcome to deck up the look of each table. To enhance a little more, give a sophisticated touch of swanky crockeries, with a focus on wine glasses and cheese knives. Adorn the surroundings of wine bottles with juicy grapes.

Go For The Best Cheeses: The key factor of the theme is to pair the right cheese with the right wine. Keep in mind the taste of cheese to be tangy and sweet. Some of the high-quality cheeses you can have are Canadian cheese, Mozzarella, Traditional Danish Blue. Browse more in the search engines to get to know the best cheeses. To get on the party mood, a delicious cheese can satiate your guests' appetite.

Wine Selection: When heading to the market to purchase wines, a question strikes in your mind, 'Which wine goes best with the cheese?'
A wrong selection of either of the two items can dampen the spirit of the party. Ensure to have the wines that will go well with the cheeses. For instance, a salty cheese should be paired with a sweet wine, creamy cheese pairs better with Chardonnay, Italian Chianti matches well with Parmesan. In other words, give a taste of a semisoft cheese with a dry white wine and a hard cheese with a full-bodied red wine. A simple trick to follow is choose a lighter wine for a mild cheese and for a richer wine go with the richer cheese. Have ideas on the selection of the wine with the cheese before planning for a cheese and wine party.

Accompaniments: Allure your guests' dishes with some stellar crunchies. A platter of crackers with the flavours of toppings can woo your guests' cravings to have some more on  the munchies. A crusty, whole grain bread and a bowl of olives go better with the theme. Fill a plate with roasted pine nuts, hazel nuts and Brazil nuts. Top it up with dark chocolates on the table to add a tempting taste to the accompaniments.

Take Care Of Health And Hygeine : Last but not the least, when you plan a party, your prime point should be hygeine. Have in mind that you take the onus of your guests' health. While you are busy in giving a classy touch to your theme, make sure to be mindful in hygeine and the quality of the food. Serving a good quality food and drinks should be at the top of your list and your prime concern. With that, you have got all to start the bash. Make a list of guests, send invites, welcome them with a friendly hug, tune in funky music and get everyone on the floor.

Let's get the party started!  

Author- Aparna Mukherjee

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tick off the healthy living to fight against ageing

Often, mirror is one of the causes of agony and happiness. How? Either your face falls flat or a glow blushes your face.
'Hey, Gorgeous' is all human ears want to hear.

Does your young look tricks your age? 

Don't you wish to hear 'You look so young'? 
In the process to look young, you leave no stones unturned. You cherry-pick the best skin care products that will conceal your age, along with the radiance on your face to go for years. The constant concern to look young makes you experiment several lotions and anti-ageing creams to sustain your glowing look at all times. In a bid to fish compliments, you slip your mind that to have a healthy glow from outside; you need to ingest a healthy diet and a healthy living from inside.

Causes Of Ageing: Ageing is inevitable and a bitter universal truth. One who has been in the peak of youth will have to go through the phase of ageing. The only difference is some people age far faster; whereas, some manage to hold their age. Factors contribute to ageing are hormones, environment, poor diet, stress and exposure to diseases.  How you wish to make a stop at the pause button of ageing! Counting on beauty products to hide your ageing signs is not a wise way out. Although, you can't stop the clock from the process of ageing, certain measures can be taken from your part to slow down the ageing beforehand. Read below to know how to fight against ageing.

Anti-Ageing Diet: A healthy diet keeps your ageing at arm's length. 

Hence, delight in the foods that buffer the ageing process. As you grow older, your body makes home of diseases, leaving a bad impact on the skin. Dabbing cosmetics will give you a transient glow, but a right diet will gift you a fresh look for years. It is requisite to have a healthy eating that will safeguard your illness and prolong your longevity with vitality in the years to come. The key is to crush the unhealthy diet to prevent looking aged at an early age. To slow down the ageing, fill your plates with fruits, vegetables, fishes of Omega-3, nuts and whole grains. To prevent the signs of ageing, go for age-defying foods like leafy greens, tomatoes, blueberries and carrots, as they protect your healthy cells from getting damaged. Give your skin the right medicine by selecting foods rich in flavonoids and carotenoids from pre-mature ageing.

Top Anti-Ageing Tips: Having a desire to look younger than your age is no wrong.

To look younger, it isn't necessary to break the bank on expensive treatments. Although, anti-ageing cosmetics and pricey treatments can slow down your age artificially, but can leave a host of side-effects behind. The secret is self-treatment. Much of what you can do is to make time for yourself daily to take proper care to have a youthful appearance. Have a look at the rundown of the things you need to do to look vibrant in the ensuing years:

  1. Try to have a disease-free body by incorporating a healthy living. 
  2. Keep your body flexible by taking interest in exercise. A regular workout is the best age defiers. 
  3. Be choosy in your eating habits. Don't gorge in what your eyes see in the serving bowls. 
  4. Have a sound sleep. Unload the worry from your mind when you are off to bed at night. 
  5. Give your mind a mental massage by yoga and meditation. 
  6. Shield your skin from the exposure of sun-rays by applying sunscreen and by using sunglasses. 
  7. Quit smoking and alcohol.  Staying younger forever isn't in your control. 

Something you can take charge is not to reflect the age before time by following the above mentioned tips. Being mindful and proactive in your actions toward ageing can help you live your later years of life with grace. Feel young as you age and stay youthful in the years to come.

 Author- Aparna Mukherjee.