Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snack On Low-Calorie Foods And A Hearty Oatmeal When Hungry

Are you one of them who like to munch when hunger pangs hit? Whenever hunger growls your stomach, you hunt for a chocolate bar or a pack of chips or cookies that can only curb your hunger for a while, leaving you insatiated and no nutritional factors to pep your systems up. When hunger hits, people turn on to unhealthy bites that keep their stomach full, making no room for lunch or dinner.  Snack on the bites that are calorie-controlled and supplemented with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Feast your eyes on the snacks that will increase the appetite for healthy picks.
Next time when you get an urge to munch, satiate yourself with low-calorie diets to energize you from inside and healthy from outside.  Have a rundown on some healthy snacks best for health.  As soon as the hunger bell strikes you, do not start filling your mouth with tasty, unwholesome munchies. Think before you eat. Check on the calorie count and the unhealthy side to what you are ingesting.

A) Look For Nuts: If you are working or studying, fuel yourself up by a handful of almonds, nuts and apricots when you feel hungry between your task.

B) Pick On Sprouted Grain Chips: If hunger makes you run through the house looking for a pastry, pattice or salty potato chips in the kitchen, then toss out those greasy and high-calorie delishes and fill a bowl of nutritional sprouted grain chips made of grains, seeds and beans enriched with protein and fibers.

C) Have A Bite On A Granola Bar: Dump your chocolate bar and get your hands on to a sweet granola bar which is nutrition-filled and contains protein and nine amino acids.

D) Delight In Greek Yogurt: Rooting Through the refrigerator for a chilled ice-cream topped with nuts and frooties? Give a sweet treat to your taste by delighting yourself up with Greek yogurt enriched with probiotics and protein.

Stay on friendly terms with quickie eats by opting low-calorie snacks.

Indulge in a delicious and healthy treat in your breakfast with oatmeal.

A breakfast in the morning acts like a fuel to keep you sailing for the whole day. As it is always recommended, having a healthy breakfast is requisite to keep your body system working in a good condition. Snacking on oily and spicy eatables in the morning can aggravate the immune system and other body functions. Cherry-pick the healthy foods when eating in the morning. Switch on to a hearty bowl of oatmeal. The beneficiary factors of oatmeal will leave you awestruck and will inspire you to eat for a healthy body.

 Have an overview of the nutritious sides of delighting on oatmeal.

1) Enriched With Antioxidants: The antioxidant quality in oatmeal combats with free radicals, averts bad cholesterol. As a result, you keep cardio-related disease at bay.

2) Regulate Blood Sugar: Stay away from insulin and keep your sugar levels under control. Oatmeal is rich in fiber which helps regulate the levels of sugar. Chuck diabetes out of your life by clicking on to oatmeal for your morning breakfast.

3) Lifts Up Immune System: The beta-glucose fiber in oatmeal speeds up the immunity power in a human's body. Thereby, eating oatmeal with milk builds up your resistance power from inside to keep you sturdy from outside.

4) Prevents Obesity: The excess fat in the body gives rise to a host of diseases. Grab a bowl of oatmeal to keep you in shape and not to binge on salty snacks when hunger hits your stomach. A bowl of oatmeal will keep you full all day long. Get in shape with oatmeal.

5) A Package Of Good Health: Oatmeal comprises minerals, vitamins, protein, iron and carbohydrates required to keep you steady at all times.

 6) Flavor It Up: Meliorate the taste of oatmeal by adding pieces of fruits, raisins and a spoon of crushed brown sugar or powdered sugar to sweeten the taste a bit.

Be in the pink of health with oatmeal.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stay Fit With Organic Green Tea

The brewing aroma of tea leaves incites one to have sips of tea several times in a day. Consuming tea in the morning is indeed a refreshing start. To rule out lethargy or to have gossips with friends, tea beverage is preferred by many. Starting a day with a cup of tea or having tea breaks between your work unleashes a new wave of energy to start your task at full tilt.

With various brands and types of tea teeming in the market, organic tea is the best bet and preferred by health buffs. Organic tea is abounding in the global market because of its healthy factors associated with it. Let us have a look in this article, the health factors contribute to consumption of organic tea.

Origin And Benefits: Tea was first originated in China. Later, it got transported to UK and then sailed to different parts of the country. The types of tea depend on the harvest and the drying process. Tea is an antioxidant beverage enriched with manganese, potassium, vitamins and calcium. Drinking organic herbal tea triggers deadly diseases such as arthritis, bone problems, heart aches, cataracts and so forth.

Why Organic Tea Is Good For Health? Unlike the processing of other tea leaves, organic tea is immune d from baneful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. Organic tea is processed in a natural way with the application of hygienic method. Organic tea comes in the form of black tea and green tea.  

Healthy Factors Of Organic Green and Black Tea: The antioxidant property of green tea depletes the level of cholesterol and mitigates the levels of blood insulin. To get rid of tooth decay, plaque, get into the habit of drinking green tea. The organic black tea averts one from cancer and cardiac ailments, keeping your heart hearty for long. Have sips of organic tea to remain sturdy and vibrant.

Are you a health-conscious person? Are you selective in diet? Kick-start your day with a rejuvenating green tea. With thermo-genic qualities, green tea exhausts your metabolism and depletes your unnecessary food cravings, resulting in losing your weight in a natural way.  Get on the positive side of green tea which mitigates the level of lipid fats you imbibe when you ingest food, giving a beneficiary outcome in reducing the level of cholesterol and keeping your heart hearty for long.

Read through the tips to know how consumption of green tea can help lose your weight.

  1. Drink green tea in place of coffee every morning to improve your health and infuse energy all day long. Avoid fillers in your green tea, as they can dent the qualities of the tea. 
  2. A repeated consumption of green tea is advisable, as the tea contains less percentage of caffeine and deters you from frequent food cravings. It is best to have green tea before or after your meal. 
  3. Having sips of green tea along with a morning jog enhances a better result in curbing your weight. Green tea has an amino L-theamine which increases your focus ability, keeps you cool and infuses a wave of tranquil in your mind. 
  4. Start your day with an energizing beverage. What better than a cup of green tea to fill you with abundance of energy throughout the day. Green tea has the attribute to suppress the desire of snacking every now and then, which in turn, curbs your unhealthy diet and prevents you in gaining extra pounds.
  5. Get into the habit of drinking tea on a regular basis. The habitual practice of drinking green tea will prepare your body to use up less fat over a long period of time. 

Tick off the unhealthy beverages and get hold on to a exhilarating hearty green tea.

Writer- Aparna Mukherjee