Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Weekend Outing In The Chills

What do you do when you see one bar flashing in your cell phone?

You know it is a signal of your mobile battery getting low. You rush up to put your phone on charge. You do so because you don't want yourself to be away from your contacts.
Thus, you put energy into your cell to work for long hours. Likewise, by taking weekend breaks, you infuse a wave of energy to your body and mind to keep you vigorous for a week-long task.  Working for hours on end burns out your stamina. To keep yourself going for the rest of the days, you need to restore energy by way of taking breaks on weekends. What better than to energies yourself by having an outing on winter days. You must have been to weekend trips many times before.

But an outing on a chilly weekend is a different experience altogether. The scattered leaves, barren trees, cold breeze, bright sunbeam, nature wearing a white blanket of mist--signaling the onset of winter. Though winters are the time when your feet don't like to hit the frozen floor, all you like is to snuggle up with a good book in front of a fireplace.

Are you aware of the fact that winter is the best season to revitalise yourself?
This is the season to step outdoors and bask in the warm sunshine in the midst of cold breeze. As temperature dips, people wish to stay indoors. Upon asked by your loved ones to plan a trip in the chills, you give an excuse of the freezing climate.

This seems fine at times. Do you know that too much of staying indoors can lead to lethargy?

Get out of your lazy zone, let loose yourself and head on to a place where fresh winter morning vivifies you from within. The weekend trip in the chills will not only boost your energy, but also recuperate from the toil you go through everyday. If you had an improper digestion in other seasons; then, this chilly season gives you a chance to gorge on in your lip smacking delicacies. Having an outdoor dining is out of the world! The outdoor dining adds a lively dimension of eating in an open air to have a healthy appetite.

Dining in an enclosed space is a daily routine of life. Why not dine under the sky along with nature in the chills?

Communing with nature is the supreme way to de-stress oneself. Sipping on a hot coffee in a chilly open air will give you the taste of freshness, keeping you vivacious all the week through. While winter days allure you to be indoors, wear extra layers over yourself, fight the freeze and head for a chilly weekend.

Author -Aparna Mukherjee.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Living in the Expensive Days

Making plans to amaze your kids with a lavish birthday bash? 

Looking forward to your anniversary date with great anticipation to amuse your spouse with a surprise treat? Give a halt to your extravagant plans because the monster 'inflation' is set to trample your celebratory mood by punching high rates, showing you the path of cost-cutting. Delicacies make a feast complete. Feeding delicacies to many are far-fetched, as food and groceries are soaring each day. In India, more than half the wages is spent on feeding. With the continuous rise in prices, many people go starve. The present scenario is so nerve-racking that price hikes leave a big hole in the pocket.
Time was when people used to wait to give a lavish celebration because spending money was no bar to them. In today's stress-bound life where festivals are the only reason of celebration, the inflation leaves a sign of dismay on your face. The reason behind people are paying more than they used to pay in the past years. Owing to steep rise in the prices, women are battling with the household budget. The dream of a healthy diet has flown out of the window. A nourished diet is beyond the reach of a common man, as it is reachable to business class. On one hand, onions make everyone weep; on the other, fuel hikes are set to puncture your leisure travel. Inflation has created such havoc on household budget that there is little headroom left to spend on your personal happiness. We all love to shop for our loved ones.

Before giving, you have to think over how much you can expend?

Will it mess up your budget? The days are gone when you carried a number of shopping bags, keeping price tags at bay. Today is the day when you have to secretly check the tags first before a purchase.
Thus, shopping has become a necessity, rather than a joy of giving. Every little thing is hitting the roof, leaving the middle class in the lurch. Not only food rates, but also the property rates steep high each passing day.
In the coming time, it will be next to impossible for the coming generation to seek shelter in a 370 square feet space. The source of income remains stagnant but price of items has sky-rocketed. Earlier, people were in position to buy things in excess for the times of exigency. In present days, people buy things to make their ends meet. Instead of taking measures to mitigate public woes, in the name of country's development, government is giving innumerable blows which is getting unbearable for the people of India. One such is the steep rise in the cooking gas cylinders, imposing an intolerable burden on the common man's shoulder. A service class is left to combat with stagnant income on one end and rising prices on the other end.

Will a man's woes ever be heard? 
Will a poor man's tears ever be wiped? 
Will a square meal ever be served as a full meal in the common man's platter by the government?

Author -Aparna Mukherjee.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Alloy Wheel - Lighter, Stronger, Faster for Your Cars

Traffic gets on your nerves? 

This is the moment when you think you could drive on a traffic-free road. To escape from commotion of city life and to get rid of the clogged streets, you take drives a long way to a quiet place. The smooth, tarred roads draw people to take a drive, and where you get to see a less traffic path, you get inclined to move your wheels faster. On driving fast, never to overlook that fast drives can lead you to mishaps. And then, you have no way out but to take delight in slow drives. 

Have you pondered over the imperative part of your vehicle? 

May not be. The wheels are the soul of a vehicle. It is the wheels who converse with the roads while you take pleasure in your drive. Hence, the wheels and tyres of a vehicle are always needed to keep into account before driving. The quality wheels give you a pleasurable and a secured drive. The top rated wheels you can name and can count on are the 'Alloy Wheels'. 

Why alloy wheels to be used when you have a host of other branded wheels to match your vehicle? 

To fit in all kinds of roads, alloy wheels are the reliable wheels in the market which are light in weight and stronger than the steel rims. The light wheels make convenient for a vehicle to accelerate, in turn, gives a small increase in mileage. The superior alloy wheels drive off heat, preventing from cracking and bending. In addition, many alloy wheels have designs of spokes to let air flow around the surrounding tyres, which aid in cooling the brakes. Mainly, alloy wheels are known for aesthetic appeal and for high-rated performance. Owing to its upsides, these modern wheels are not only used in racing industries, but also very crowd-pleasing in two and four wheelers. Most people prefer to put on alloy wheels for their vehicles to enrich the appearance and of the incredibly durable quality drive. The boon of driving your vehicle with a set of alloy wheels is to give you a high-end performance. 

But just buying the best wheel is not enough. You should keep in mind that all best stuff needs a good maintenance to keep the object going in the long run. Best things come with high price tags, so also the alloy wheels. Because of high cost, people generally go for cheaper price; thus, invite mishaps. Do not compromise your life in exchange of cut-price rates.

Fill the best fuel, fit the right wheels of alloy wheels and indulge a quality drive.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attract Your Living Style With Bengal Handicraft

After a bustling day, a home is a place where you get solace. Hence, the ambience of a home should exude a tinge of warmth and serenity. The bright painted walls, soft leather furniture’s; elegant show pieces adorn the d├ęcor of your room. And so, you hand pick the best stuff, as each item unveils the hidden charm of your place.
Have you ever thought of dolling up your home an ethnic way by placing handicraft items?

How about getting showers of compliments for having worn an exclusive outfit with vibrant artwork which makes you a centre of attraction of a function or a party?

Handicraft items complement a sophisticated look to your lifestyle. Handicrafts of each place have a story which is engraved in the form of designs and embroideries. They depict the pictures of a socio-cultural set-up of a region. The traditional features in handmade works preserve the Indian heritage, promoting the local culture of a place; whereas, the traditional elements are retained in the works of the handicraft products with an immense commercial value in the international market. Like each state represents their aesthetic side through their creative forms; so also, the rich heritage of West Bengal is beautifully projected in the creative form of handicrafts.  With the snowcapped hills of Darjeeling as the crown of West Bengal, the state is a diverse landscape of delicacies, art and culture. The textile and handloom industries of Bengal are renowned around the globe. The unique designs have always been catchy in a Bengali wear and in Bengali homes.  Let us take a quick glance of what the state's handmade objects have in store, and in what way they can embellish your living style.

To start with, the Baluchari sarees, silk and tasar textile produced in Bishnupur, Bankura, Murshidabad are the prides of Bengal. The intricate works in Baluchari and other silk sarees make a wearer stand out in a crowd. Other splendid handmade creations by the artisans are jute crafts, wood and crane crafts, conch-shell crafts, brass wares, the Dhokra art and folk dolls are all to prettify your look and the look of your home. The state practices a number of handworks on which they specialize and are the masters, such as Masks-- to deck the walls, terracotta works-- narrate the stories of ancient ages and epics, Dhokra art --beautify the empty spaces of your home, Solapith-- uplift the beauty of deities during festivals and also to doll up the bridal look, Cane and Bamboo objects fancily the decorative pieces of furniture’s.

In the enchanting works, one will get to have a glimpse of the nomadic and mythological characters which explicit the primitive time. The elaborated and exclusive designs in handicraft items add grace not only to the interiors but also in the wardrobe. Irrespective of modern advancements that take place rapidly, crafts are an integral part of an Indian lifestyle. From a home to an opulent star hotel, the timeless quality of Bengal handicraft gives a sense of sophistication to your living. Change the style and appearance of your interior and your wear by welcoming Bengal handmade products and see the difference.
Author -Aparna Mukherjee.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bon Voyage To Pondicherry

Walking along the seaside of the blue waters, sparkling sand, roaring shores, waves crashing against the rock, a leisure stroll on a beach flying you away to a tranquil land. Suddenly, you hear of a buzz near your ears, and you manage to open your sleepy eyes to see your alarm goes off at 06.00 am. For a while, you feel if it was not a dream, but a pleasant reality. Some dreams can be converted into a reality. The very mention of a fancy dream of travel stirs wanderlust in even the most inexperienced traveler.

Let your mind witness a breath-taking scenic place, which is ready to captivate you with its captive panoramic views. Our mind clogs facing the irritations of weather and the daily chores in the city we live in. To rejuvenate and slow time down, one needs to unwind in a place where you can be yourself. Take the remote of life in your hand, press the pause button for a while, and take flight far off from the crowded city life to a place where the sun place exist? You could enjoy such a splendid sight at one of India's surprise land named Pondicherry, situated on the sea coast of the Bay of Bengal, and is just three hours' travel from Chennai. Peek into the History: History dates back to the 17th century when French had its colonial rule on Pondicherry; and hence, it was the largest French colony in India until 1956. The pleasant mix of the East and the West is clearly visible in the place. The quiet streets of Pondicherry will take you to the times when French had its dwell on the place. You will get a glimse of clean pave blocked streets with French names engraved on them, colonial bungalows with the enchanting French architecture. No doubt, the place is of a great historical interest. Must See: The beautiful structures of French heritage, churches, beaches, resorts have their own spectacular beauty. The big draw for spiritually inclined people is the abode of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Where youth never ages and abound of knowledge is set for all is the serene place of Auroville.

The museum of Pondicherry showcases a rich past of the art and social life of the dynasty once ruled here. Further on, the long promenade running along the seaside fascinates a number of tourists. As you stroll around, the French Governor Dupleix, the elegant war memorial erected by the French, and the gigantic 27 meter tall lighthouse on the sea front will take your breath away. To while away your evenings, the Rocky Beach is one such sought-after hotspots. The blue waters gives you a host of watersports activities. Wine and Dine: What is in the platter? Pondicherry dishes out a wide range of cuisines from the Tamilian delicacies like Idiappam, Thosai, prawn bajji to the lipsmacking French cookery like coq au vin (chicken in wine).

The mouthwatering blends of delectable menus of the East and the West increase the appetite of avid foodies to binge on the new eateries of the delightful place. Shopper's Stop: After tasting a host of eateries, do not skip your mind to take home the ethnicities of Pondicherry. The handloom clothes in traditional designs, hand-made carpets,textiles,cane furnitures, the crafted dolls and toys of terracotta, boutiques of Nehru Street and M G Road will make you to take delight in the art while you shop. To experience the magnificence of the place, take a week off, switch off your mobile, and let yourself fly in beholding the beauties of nature. Take the pleasure moments in your fist, and be in a place where you can vivify yourself, which has been lost amid piles of work. A chinese proverb says, "Don't listen to what they say. Go see."

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Peek into the World of .COM

You have an important assignment to submit by digging out information’s from websites, blogs. You fix your eyes in front of a computer screen and delve information’s that would be a good fit to make your project a perfect one. After a while, you get the one you have been hunting for so long, and finally, your mind is at ease. Scratching head, thinking hard are forgone days. Present days are the days of websites and blogs. In the fast-paced world, to keep a track of daily happenings, multi reading information’s within less time span are a challenging task. With websites and blogs, you have any information at your finger tip. Just a click and a vast pool of information are set before you. 

The question strikes what wordpress?

It is a content management system to impart information by way of blog posts. To have a must-know things about the wordpress, let us peep into the history in brief. It had its inception as a blogging system and later emerged as a CMS with countless plugins, widgets and themes. It is span-new software with a full-fledged product. This is a free and open-source software, which means it is accessible to all, and the added advantage is one can alter the software to improvise the design accordingly. The three tools plugins, widgets and themes can make wonders to your site.

How?  Take a quick look of the three wonders.

1) Plugins let developers and online users to custom the functions and features to tailor their webs, blogs as per their desired requirements.
2) Widgets enable to add extra features in your blog.
3) Themes act like an outfit of a blog. It lets you change the functions without modifying the content of information or the format of a blog.

The PHP, HTML and CSS code in the themes can be edited or supplemented to dispense the progressive features. With eye-catching themes, you will succeed in pleasing your visitors. To grow your traffic flow, an appealing theme is the first impression of your visitors' interest. Wordpress being user-friendly, it has a number of site users; and today, it is a popular blogging tool.  With changing time, to outlast the increasing horse race in the competitive market, companies hire a 'wordpress developer' to fascinate the target audience in a large scale. In the recent times, innovations are highly liked, and people are likely to get inclined on the latest ideas. The same presentation on a site could be a crashing bore for the online visitors. With a wide range of tools, you can get a well-designed web as per your choice; and thus, you can make the exploration of your online visitors a rapturous one.

So why wait?

Dial a number of a proficient wordpress developer and make your ideas known worldwide.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Make Your Beauty Click With a Right Cosmetic

What allures you to grab stuff?

Probably the appearance. The outward look makes you to have a thing for something you pick. Before going into a detail, it is the first impression that always counts. Humans are tend to go by presence at first, virtues follow later. In short, what matters is the beauty, which is extolled all over. "She is got the look!", "So pretty!" are the words enough to wake your confidence, and to make you feel the world is in your oyster. Snap out of your reverie!
Take a look at the other side. "Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder", "Beauty is skin deep" are true quotes, but how many people follow these? Can you differ the fact that pretty looks are a sight for sore eyes? You will not! Even if you say beauty fades away, your mind sticks to the fact that beauty rules over the world. The reason behind the desire to look pretty in others' eyes is so ingrained in us that we cannot disconnect ourselves from the concept of beauty.
Although intelligence, intellect and inner beauty are looked upon, we know Outward appearance towers over the rest. Be it in an office or any spheres of life, the planting of first impression is accelerating in the ultrafast world. Whether a person is an inborn beauty or an average beauty, the avarice to be gorgeous has no end. Not to forget that pretty looks are no more natural these days, as they are tagged with beauty brands. It is true cosmetics are baneful for skin to an extent, if used wrongly; at the same time, it cannot be denied that they enliven the facial charm. And so to uplift your beauty, cosmetic industries are teeming with beauty products to blush you up. Glancing through the commercial ads or a fashion magazine, selections of cosmetics laid in front of you make you at sea to pick the right product. When you are engrossed choosing beauty products, you slip your mind to take care of the choosing of the right and safe product.

To help you combat that, complexion should be taken into account in the first place. Talking of complexion and skin, you ought to cherry-pick the best, as the other brands in the beauty market cajole you, claiming their products the best of all. When harsh chemicals deem to be unsafe for the skin, you just need to be cautious in choosing your product. Cosmetics have been in use since ages. To get a flawless and a radiant look, cosmetics have a vital role in making a radical change in a person's features. From your hair products to skin products, markets are booming with branded cosmetics to give you an impeccable look. Something you have to take into account is to apply in the right manner, as all products instruct you the proper direction of use, along with the customer care number to be avail at your service. Some leading beauty brands are specialized in a specific beauty product.

To name a few, Pantene, Sunsilk, Tressemme for your glossy hair; Axe deo body spray for an odour-free body; for your desired-colour hair with a moisturizing touch Loreal offers you the bouncy hair; Dove fulfills your long-desired wish to have a buttersoft skin; Maybelline gives you the pleasure with various shades from Baby Lip Balm, Nail Color, Water shine Lipstick to The Colossal Kajal, Express Mascara and Eye shadow. Thus, cosmetics not only enhance your facial features, but also galvanise your confidence in every walk of life. So, get your salon at home with top-rated cosmetics and have a glamorous touch to your looks because you are born to be beautiful.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Kill the Chills with Swim Parka

What is the first word comes to your mind when you hear of paddling hands and legs in a quick motion in the water?
Certainly, none other than the one-stop point for rejuvenating your body in a pool-water is an apt place to unwind. Sitting in a chair with your eyes fixed in front of a computer in office for unfixed hours, to meet your daily targets, you run short of time to flex muscles. A swim makes room to revive and mellows out your stress-packed life. Every activity is incomplete with accessories.

Do you walk out of your homes in empty hands when you head to swim?
No! From the time you step out for swim, you tow around with a bag equipped with requisite swimming gears before you take a dip. Getting out of the freeze water, after having spent long hours in a pool, your body goes numb with shiver; and you wrap yourself up with a bathrobe and recline in a white lawn chair to soak your water-drenched body under the sun. After a while, you feel the shiver persists, as a bathrobe is inadequate to warm you up completely. In such a place, a water-resistant apparel 'Swim Parka' comes to a great avail to give you a tepid feel, forestalls cramp and safeguards your body muscles after being hit in the water. Before you purchase, it is better to have a know-how about the product you get for yourself.
What is a swim parka? It is a coat designed with an arctic polar fleece for a cosy feels from in at the optimal temperature. As soon as the temperature dips in your country, do a snowy wind and icy-cold water in the pool send chills in your spine, refraining you from water-sport activities?

Does your kid show apathy for swim in the fall? Now make yours and your little one's swim comfy in all climates by picking your choice of swim parka to sustain the warmth after swim for long. If a hot climate
does not let you to wear a parka in Spring, get yourself a Swim Stuff Swim Parka for a snuggly feel after a frosty-morning swim or an after-dinner swim. As per your body type and convenience, get your hands on a wide range of parkas for varied seasons. Dig in to multicolored and branded parkas, such as, 'Speedo', 'Tyr', 'Nike', 'Adorelex', 'Arena' and many more in store. An icing on the cake is always welcomed with open arms. How about getting a flowery touch in your swim parkas? Whether to bring your team in the limelight or to have yourself a snappy touch, embellish your parkas from the best embroidery services available in the market. To get your needs meet under one roof; hop in to D&J Sports Swim Shop. From a swim enthusiast to an athlete, swim parkas are sought-after apparels. Do not let a season be a reason to hamper your swim passion. Dive in your swim outlets to fit yourself in the best parka for a pleasurable swim.