Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Five Common Relationship Problems

Every relationship comes up with some problems sooner or later. No relationship can have a smooth romantic period for long. At one time or another, you are bound to meet with truffles and misunderstandings which make place in a couple's life. Some trivial matters create a gap in the life of people which lead to separation in the later period of life. A couple who is in a long-term relationship faces through several issues which results into severe problems, if not discussed at an early stage. Do not let your relationship crumble. Bear in mind the five common relationship problems when you encounter with any hassles in your relationship.

1) Not talking out the underlying issues:

Overlooking the reasons of your problems in relationship will land you in more problems. Many couples tend to be quiet or do not talk for days about the problems they go through. If you bottle up the pain inside you, then you welcome more problems at your end. It is better to have a one-on-one discussion with your partner, instead of making harsh reactions to the one you love. Lack of communication between partners only aggravate the current issue and will make things more complex. Address the reasons of your relationship hassles and get them sorted out at the earliest.

2) Do not reveal sensitive issues in public:

Often, people have the habit of talking out their secretive things about their partners to their close ones. In your relationship problems, you should be very conscious when it comes to talking about your family matters to other persons. When you let personal stuffs out in public, you invite additional "relationship complications" at your end, making your better half feel upset and uncomfortable. Any conflicts or sensitive issues should be pinned to your chest.

3) Be all ears:

Do you pay attention to each of the word of your spouse? At times, an endless argument makes a person stuffy. As a result, couples misinterpret other's words and get entangled in serious fights. Many a time, couples do not be all ears to what their spouses have to say. Tuning yourself out from listening to your partner's words leads to miscommunication. Hence, keep your ears open when your partner has to deliver words from his or her end to avoid unnecessary argument and misconceptions. Upon failing to pay heed to your loved one's say will lead to unlimited "problems in relationship".

4) Ego issues:

One of the major reasons of relationship problems is 'I'. When you are sharing your love with your beloved, you should exclude "I" and replace "We" to forge a healthy relationship. Imposing your self-interest, likes and dislikes on other person gives rise to "relationship complications" in your life. Taking your love for granted and foisting your priority displays your ego, not your love for your loved one. Learn to appreciate and accept your partner's preferences wholeheartedly.

5) Breaching your partner's trust:

Concealing your thoughts from your spouse violates the trust for the one you are so deeply attached with for the last many years. Hiding your actions from your spouse will crop up more disagreements and hurt your partner's feelings. Maintain the principle of honesty and truthfulness to the one you have tied the knot. You do not have to give a record of your daily happenings to your spouse. Just, ensure that your actions and thoughts should never fracture your relationship.
Every relationship has ups and downs. Do not let the "relationship problems" create a barrier in your relationship. Keep the common five issues of a relationship at bay and wallow in love and togetherness for the rest of your life.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee