Friday, January 23, 2015

Develop A Personal Brand During Your Job Hunting

You must have come across a situation when you get to observe some products draw consumers' attention in no time. Is it the fascinating appearance or the budget-friendly price of the product? It is the brand of the object that has win people over in a flash. From shopping to technology, from education to profession, people are getting inclined to branded stuff. Talking of your career growth, who does not want to wear the crown of fame?

Does not your mind prod you when you a see a designation bearing at the door of a person's cabin? In the fast-paced world, all aspire to fly high and notch up the high-profile designation to shine in the crowd. To make your mark in the professional world, you need a personal branding to let your potentials come into view to the world. Have a glance in this article to get a gist on the ways to build a personal brand while job hunting to stand in the competitive world. Give your job hunt a tinge of novelty by introducing the idea of personal branding. Let your social networking sites work as powerful tools to brand your achievements.

Prominence Of Personal Brand: 

1) Highlights your innovative skills and helps you reach your target employers.
2) Showcases your distinctive qualities to a large number of audiences in the professional market.
3) Gives you a unique recognition in your career path by branding your competencies.
4) Elevates your personality in a broader aspect in the professional online market.
5) Aids you to develop a strong rapport with the professional industries.
6) Opens the window of opportunities for you and kindles your employers' interest in you.
7) Leads you to the right career path.
8) Boosts your self-esteem and inspires you to carve out your future.
9) Gets your expertise in the limelight.
10) Serves as a digital recommendation of your accomplishments.

Let the time of success roll in your life to help you climb a new height.

Mediums Of Self-Branding: Days are gone when employees used to send job applications via postal service. Present days are the days of websites. Bring your career in the limelight by using the medium of personal branding. With several job portals in your way, make your competencies and expertise reach the target employers by flashing your career brand in the online market. In this article, know some potent online tools to brand your achievements to a large number of audiences. What are they?

1)LinkedIn: Whether you are a business tycoon or a newbie in the professional world, highlight your career interests and niche in the profile to make your employers and others aware of your hidden creativities. With a profile updated in the LinkedIn, you get connected with several potential professionals across the globe. LinkedIn is a widely acclaimed branding site for all high flyers.

2) Twitter: A renowned social networking site is not just a medium of tweeting current affairs and comments of other tweets. Make use of it for a professional purpose by uploading your business links and vital resources to hit the desired organizations. Get a wide range of inestimable information in the tweets put across by a host of people from various professional streams.

3) Blog: Unveil the creativities of your work in the form of online journals--blogs. It is one of the optimum tools to brand your goals. Do not let the masterpieces wrapped in you. Unleash your creative bent by creating a blog to reach the industries worldwide.

4) Google Plus: Give your job hunt a tinge of novelty by introducing your career dreams and posting your abilities in the Google Plus used by million people. Let your work give you a professional recognition in the professional online market. Also, get a chance to build a rapport with countless people throughout the world. Leave a lasting impression of your aptitudes by personal branding and open the window of opportunities flow in your life.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top 10 Enchanting Hill Stations Of India

Going for a long vacation does not need a reason. Keep your mind aside from daily grind and allow yourself to fly in a place where you can be yourself. Give yourself a boost of refreshing holiday by dwelling in the bracing places of fun and pleasure. Treat yourself with leisure holidays in the awe-inspiring top 10 holiday spots of India.

1) Darjeeling: The paradise of East was once a small village surrounded by tea gardens and lush greenery all over. Thanks to the British who unveiled the fascinating land and opened a host of tourist attractions for travelers all around the world. The foothills of Himalayas and spectacular vista of the rocky hilly region are the big draws of travel lovers across the world. Take a joy ride of the 'toy train' while passing through the mountains and valleys of Darjeeling. Click the beautiful sights in your mind to cherish the vitality of the place. The bewitching tea estate gardens and the marvelous view of Kanchenjunga beckon all to dwell in the dreamland of Darjeeling. The natural surroundings freshen up the stressed minds, giving a sense of rejuvenation and exhilaration. Titillate your senses with the captivating views of numerous sightseeing. Plunge in the adventurous sport activities such as hiking and rafting. Sip a cup of Darjeeling tea while strolling around the tea gardens is a heavenly experience.

2) Shillong: Bask in the 'Scotland Of The East'-- Shillong. The tropical region with enchanting hills enclosing the renowned hill station draws your mind to spend some days in the exotic chilly spot. Hear the gush of water carving through the rocks and falling with all its force on the ground in the Elephant falls and Spread Eagle falls. Feel the existence of British colonialism in the form of splendid cathedral catholic church. The pine trees around the hills make the Shillong a must-visit hill station. Dive in the spirit of holidays by boating in the lakes. Revive the history of the hilly region by having glimpses of various historical pictures and statues exhibited in the museum. The focal point of tourists' interest is a Shillong's golf course which has received an international recognition. Visit yourself to experience the novelty of the place. Plan your getaway to the most-loved spot of tourists in Shillong.

3) Mahabaleshwar: One of the noted holiday spots of Sahyadri range is the hill station of Mahabaleshwar. The catchy lookout points of Mahabaleshwar allure the travelers to rest their minds in the soothing spot of hilly areas. If you have plans to unwind few days in the land of Maharashtra, then fly off to the favorite destination of Mahabaleshwar. Catch a glimpse of the enthralling holiday zone of the beautiful location. The charming landscapes of the place are sure to enthrall you with all its beauty. One of the preferred hill stations of the West zone provides its holiday lovers with bountiful of sightseeing. Have a pleasure boat ride in various lakes of the hilly region. Give a twist to your stay by fishing and horse riding. How about tasting strawberries plucked from the fields? Yes! Mahabaleshwar is known for the mouthwatering strawberries. Frame up in your mind the ravishing views of the five rivers. With churches, forts and waterfalls to enliven your holiday spirits, book the tickets of this hill station now.

4) Matheran: Pack your bags and get ready to please your mind in the hygienic hill station of Matheran. Revive your childhood toy train memories once again by having a fun-loving toy train journey that commences from Neral to Matheran. The mountain cliffs of Matheran covered with greenery all over fascinate the quench of holiday pleasures among the travel lovers. As the toy train makes its routes through the hills, you can catch a glimpse of stunning scenic landscapes, hills and valleys. Accommodate yourself in the classy resorts and give your taste buds a yummy taste of lip-smacking foods of the region. From sunrise to sunset point, bask in the glory of the hill station. If walking on foot makes you exhausted, then you should have a leisure sightseeing on the horse back. Get the exquisite spectacles of nearby 35 look-out points situated in the Western Ghats of the hilly area. The Louisa Point, One Tree Hill Point, Rambagh Point and others offer you a crystal clear sight and the beauty of the place.

5) Coonoor: Ever visited the hill stations of southern parts? If not, then get the holiday tickets of Coonoor now. Let lose yourself in the Nilgiri hills of Coonoor. The eye-catching locations of the region are all set to give a relaxing touch to mind. Indulge your senses in the charming sites which comprise of Laws' falls, Dolphin's nose, Guernsey Tea Factory, the 'hidden valley' and sundry appealing spots of nature's delightful place in Coonoor. Take a holiday to one of the alluring hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Put on your trekking shoes and gear up to have a trek on the slopes of mountains of Coonoor. Boost your health in the natural ambience and delight in the flavors of aromatic teas. Festivals are its prime attractions that keep the hill station active throughout the year. The botanical gardens and the birds of various species play a vital role in entertaining tourists to a great extent.

6) Kodaikanal: Take delight in the ecstatic pleasure of the Kodaikanal hills nestled in the South zone. Travel lovers flock around the hill station for various reasons. One of them is that Kodaikanal is reckoned as the princess of all the hills. The dense wood, pleasant weather and the pleasing sights of the hills mesmerize tourists all the year through. Plunge in the waterfalls, row far end of the lake and have a cycle ride nearby the hills. Get in the diversified flavors of the place by tasting in the delightful aromas of coffees and herbal teas. Give a savory taste by gorging in the spicy delicacies. Take pride in witnessing the missionaries set up in the British rule. A tinge of British colonialism can be explored in the place. The pastoral lands and the endless greenery make Kodaikanal a tourist destination. Recline amidst colorful fresh flowers in Chettiar Park. The steep valleys of Kodaikanal are truly adventurous sites.

7)Ooty: What makes Ooty the queen of hills? The subtropical climate of one of the popular hill stations of the Southern zone in India welcomes the travel enthusiasts any time of the year. The eucalyptus trees, fog-covered sky and the chills experienced in the hill station are the major attractions. Ooty's botanical gardens are a must visit spot in your vacation days. Do you wish to click some outstanding sceneries of Ooty? Head on to Doddabetta Park and take incredible snaps of the place. Spend some time around the blooming roses in Ooty Rose Gardens. Do not leave the hill station without having a leisure boat ride at Pykara. Be any season, Ooty welcomes all to dive in the charms of the place. Make the most of your vacation in the tranquil hill station of Ooty. Owing to its cultural activities, festivals and the striking picturesque vistas, Ooty is one of the crowd-pulling getaways.

8) Nainital: People visit their favorite destinations for countless reasons. Some like to take adventure in the forest. Some like to engross in the views of mesmerizing hills. Some take pleasures in the blue waters of exotic beaches. On the other hand, some delight in the beauty of lakes. If you are one of them who are fond of lakes, then Nainital is the place to make a perfect getaway. Make a holiday tour in the 'Lake District Of India'. Revivify your senses in the hills of Nainital. The crowd-pleasing hill station has made its abode in the Kumaon region of North zone. The spectacular lakes of Nainital are the beauty spots of the hill station. Get wrapped up in the ecstatic feelings of nature unleashing her magnetic charm in the form of awe-inspiring places. Nainital serves as a pride of Uttaranchal Pradesh for its mythological reasons. The Nainital zoo and other showplaces of the hills are worth watching.

9) Mussoorie: You must have visited numerous hill stations for excursions, family vacations and so on. Have you ever set your foot at the foothills of Himalayan ranges for your long holidays? If not, then plan your next trip to Mussorie. The deep valleys, tall trees, majestic hills entice all to make a visit in the sought-after holiday destination. The distinguished Doon valley fascinates domestic and foreign tourists to engross in the lap of paradise. Do you wish to view the captivating place from the highest peak? Seek an adventurous journey of the ropeway and have a memorable view of Mussorie. The snow-clad hills will entice you to spend the best moments of your life in a place covered with snow. Have a leisure horse ride to view the marvelous sceneries that fall from the Kurli Bazaar to Library Point. Trek at the Lal Tibba to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking sight of snow-capped hills.

10) Shimla: Preserve the beautiful memories in your upcoming holiday vacation at the most-loved place of all age is Shimla. When listing of holiday spots come to mind, the first name you strike up is Shimla. The renowned hill station of the North zone is widely acclaimed for its various facilities. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh caters its best to cater all the amenities and pleasures to its visitors. The impressive tourist places of the mountainous regions make Shimla one of the cherished and amiable tourist destinations. Tourists throng in the place mostly during winter and summer. The hills covered with snows pull tourists to make a long vacation in this well-known tourist spot. From majestic temple to Catholic Church, museums to academic institutes, Shimla offers its visitors to dwell in the pleasures of all sorts. Dive in the romantic ambience of the aesthetic countryside views. Derive the natural resource of Shimla in the best possible ways. Give a pause to your overflowing schedule and calm your senses in the adored holiday spots of India.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tips For Your Winter Care And Winter Diet To Punch The Winter Woe

Who does not dream to have a soft and glossy skin in all seasons? Having a smooth complexion for all seasons is a wish of every person. How do you take care of skin in the dead of winter? You take precautions to cover yourself up from tip to toe in order to keep cold at bay. What do you do to keep your skin unaffected from dry and harsh cold weather of winter days? Read through to know some useful methods to shield your skin from unbearable chills. Give a rosy glow to your skin during these winter months.

1) Keep Your Skin Oily: The key to keep your skin glossy and soft is to have an oil-based moisturizer. Moisturize your skin with oil-based lotion or cream that will retain moisture and keep your skin smooth throughout the season. An array of moisturizers is displayed in the drugstores to claim the best for your skin. Keep in mind that not all moisturizers are apt for all seasons. Always look for a winter moisturizer that has mineral oil, avocado oil and almond oil.

2) Have Warm Showers: Generally, people get sluggish to drench their bodies in water in winter days. As a result, they invite more skin problems which can aggravate later. Have showers of warm water and keep the bathing period short. Use glycerin-based soaps when you bath. If possible, you can head on to the spas to give your skin the extra care of sea salt bath or oatmeal bath.

3) Choose The Right Outfit: Give your skin a comfort of soft fabrics. Be aware of polyester or itchy woolen materials that may cause irritation in your skin. Soft clothing is much preferable in winter. Avoid tight-fitting attires.

4) Hearty Diet: Let your skin sparkle the glow with omega-3 fatty acids. Delight in the culinary of fish to get the maximum amount of omega-3 to keep your skin radiant.

5)Drink Healthy Liquids: It goes without saying, water is the best cleanser for human body. The more you drink water, the more your skin oozes out the natural glow. Have sips of herbal tea or a glass of fresh orange juice is equally beneficial to save the skin from infection in winter. Let the cold waves do not dent your skin. Replace the lackluster skin with the moisture-packed lustrous skin this winter.

Healthful Foods To Snack The Winter Woes 

When you start to feel the cold breeze touches your skin, you get the signal of the chilly season setting in your country. It is the time when your feet do not like to hit the frozen floor. All you wish for a hot coffee near the fireplace or to snuggle up with a good book on the couch. As you cover yourself with the winter attires to protect from chilly wind, what steps do you take to zing up your diet? This chilly season is the optimum time to infuse your body with nutrient-rich foods and to keep the stamina alive in the bone-chilling winter days. Upgrade your health with balanced foods to smack the winter woes. Make the best of your diet in this winter. Choose the right foods to keep you vigorous even in the chills.

A) A Healthy Breakfast: Start your winter mornings to make a healthy breakfast meal. Rounds of hot coffee or hot chocolate will only curb your hunger cravings. To keep you peppy all day long, stuff your breakfast plate with boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. Stimulate the taste buds with the slices of whole baked breads. A bowl of oats soaked in milk will surely increase your energy levels and will keep you active for the rest of the day. Grab two bananas from the fruit bowl in the mid-morning breakfast to keep your mood uplifted throughout the day.

B) A Hearty Lunch: Set your foot in the kitchen to make a soup of spinach sprinkled with pepper powder to warm you up in cold winter days. Prepare a dish of fishes to kick out depression in winter afternoons. Keep your spirits high with roasted chicken or a lip-smacking cuisine.

C) Mood-Lifting Munchies: Roast a handful of walnuts and Brazil nuts to savor the chilly evenings. Open the fridge to relish in the dark chocolates which will shoot up your hormone levels and regulate anxiety disorders.

D) A Wholesome Dinner: Load your dinner plate with vegetable menus. Let the winter night meal be loaded with sufficient nutrition to keep you sailing for the entire chilly season. Dish out protein-filled foods that contain beans, lentils and sprouts. Have toothsome servings of mushrooms to prevent from mood fluctuation. The delectable crispy of low-cottage cheese for starters can add zing to the taste of winter blues. Beat the winter with nutritious and sumptuous meals.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Make Your Getaway Memorable With An Online Travel Agent

Holidays are round the corner and people are in the high spirits to make the best of their long vacations. Whether you set your mind to explore the panoramic landscapes of the hills or plunge in the blue water of the beaches, recreation should be at the forefront of your travel. Travelling to a long distance place can be toilsome. Your prime reason to hit the nature's paradise is to infuse the fresh air and to witness the captivating scenic spots. Before you set on a journey to enjoy a splendid sight of nature, run your eyes through some pivotal travel tips mentioned in this article. By now, you must have chosen your holiday destination. What next?

1) Research Online: Before you head on a leisure travel, research thoroughly on the place you are about to indulge in. Locate the places of interest, adventurous water sports, hiking and other fun activities, shopping and cuisine delights of the place. Take a printout of the information on the journey to make your stay convenient.

2) Contact Your Travel Agent: Get in touch with your travel agent for the travel tickets at least three weeks prior the date of journey. To avoid the peak hour rush, ensure to get hold of the ticket from the agent by logging in their travel website. Make sure you get the travel ticket and the hotel accommodation booked in advance from your travel agent.

3) Checklist: Prepare a checklist of packing stuff ahead of time, so that you do not miss out any essentials at the eleventh hour.

4) Expiry Date Of Passport: If your journey is by air, make a check of the expiration date in the passport. Get it renewed before the validity period gets over.

5) Take Sufficient Cash: It is better to carry a wad of notes to tackle the emergency moments. What would you do if you meet a situation where ATM centers are out of your reach? Having a wallet of cash is a wise decision for such exigencies.

6) Ascertain The Currency Rates: Before you plan a trip to another country, familiarize with the currency rates of the place to have a cost-effective leisure travel. Do not let the country's currency rate put a halt to your shopping spirit. Make the best of your holiday memories. At times, it happens that after you take a day off from your workplace, you still feel lethargic and inactive. The sluggish mind and body signals you to switch off your cell and pack your travel bags to revive the lost energy in a breathtaking place. Time was when you had to make prior appointments with your travel agent and do the travel bookings ahead of time. With the advent of computer and internet, your travel agents are just a click away.

On one hand, you get a vast pool of information on travel agencies at your finger tip. On the other hand, you come across with rogue travel agencies that may drain the pleasures of your wanderlust. How will you know you are signing up to an authentic online travel agent? Glance through the article to get a reliable online travel agent. Online travel agents are on a rage in the present days. When you run short on time to talk in-person with your travel agent, you click the one-stop way of making your travel reservation online. Your travel agent vouches for a top-notch tour package to make your leisure days pleasurable. Read further to be in the safe hands of an authentic travel service.

1) Have a thorough online research about your travel agent. Authentic travel agents are bound to enlist their names of their companies with a well-reputed travel organization which gives the benefits of filing and sorting out any complaints regarding the travel service.

2) A genuine travel agent will offer to make the travel payments through credit cards. Beware of the travel company who demands to pay in cash during or before the travel procedures.

3) A loyal travel company will hand over the travel brochures which contain a list of itineraries, sightseeing, hotel fares, travel fares and travel dates, terms and conditions of the travel process.

4) Before making the payment online to your travel agent, verify the link of an authentic travel company. An authorized travel agency will share the web address that starts with 'https://'. Make a note of 's', as it stands out for security.

5) Always opt for a safe and sound payment site for electronic banking transactions while paying the amount to your travel agent. Have a safe trip!

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Manage Time Effectively To Beat The Job Stress

Who does not like to be promoted at the workplace? Who does not want to have a high-profile designation tagged at the door of your cabin?

To notch up fame at your job place, you ought to be a professional in your job. To hear the claps of your success, you have to impress your higher-ups with your commendable job. You need to deliver the tasks entrusted to you by your superiors at the appointed time. You are required to surmount the unbearable stress you encounter during the office hours. At some point of your life, you desire to be a true professional. You should know a true professional is the person who knows how to keep stress in check. You cannot get shot of stress as it is a part and parcel of your job. Can you punch back stress? You can regulate stress from affecting you by implementing simple steps mentioned below. Read in this article the effective tips to beat stress at your workplace.

1) Work In Your Limits: You can be a pro in multitasking. In a bid to handle too many tasks, you invite negative pressures on yourself. Commitment for your job should be your focal point, but do not exceed the boundary of your commitment by accepting deadlines, which seem improbable for you.

2) Have Sound Sleep At Night: Do not overlook the power of sleep in the night. The optimum way to unwind your body is to enjoy the slumber when you drift off to sleep at night. Put your mind to rest for seven hours in the form of sound sleep. Your sleep is the powerhouse to punch the daily stress.

3) Take Mini Breaks: Working at a stretch can clog your mind from thinking bright ideas. Divert your mind for a while by having a leisure walk in the office premise. Keep a diary at your desk that contains a list of your achievements. Glancing through your accomplishment is a great stress buster for your mind.

4) Be Precise To Your Goals: Set a time limit for yourself to get the goal accomplished. Never run into handling too many goals at a time. Realize your priorities and then divert your energy into the project to make it a success. Juggle the balls of stress with ease. To balance your work schedule, you should be an effective time manager.

Tips To Be An Effective Time Manager

Have you been successful in meeting your daily targets? Do you have a diary of to-do lists? Are you organized at work? Do you find trouble delivering the projects on time? Do you submit your work after the deadline? Do you feel stressed juggling too many tasks at a time? If you are one of those who run short on time and you are unable to hit the desired goals of your life, then glance through the effective points to manage time effectively.

1) Proper Planning: When you have the first sips of coffee in the early morning, chart out your tasks for the day. Jot down all the hard and easy, big and small tasks of the day. Chalking out your daily tasks will help you carry out the tasks in an effective manner. Remember, proper planning prevents poor performance.

2) A Reminder On Your Phone: It might happen that you slip your mind to perform a very important task on a day. To avoid such absentmindedness, make a note on your phone about the imperative tasks of certain days in a month. Keeping a reminder on your phone will help you recall the essential tasks to be executed on specific days.

3) Keep Your Eyes On The Clock: At times, people get wrapped up in work to such an extent that they lose contact with time. Keeping a watch in front of you will help keep track of time efficiently and you will be able to finish the task before the assigned time.

4) Avoid Materialistic Distractions: Keep your phone on a vibration mode. Keep your mind away from social networking sites and other mobile applications by pressing a 'log out' button.

5) Realize Your Prime Task: Belittle all the irrelevant tasks from your calendar that you come across on a day. The pivotal work of the day should be your first priority and should be performed at the first place. You do not have to be an excellent time manager by becoming a workaholic. On the contrary, learn to tackle the master of time and implement in your life. Meet your daily target with these time management skills.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee