Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Poems Published Digital Magazine US

The Youths Of Today

No fear can make its stay,
No hurdle can hinder their way,
They know how to live each day,
For, they are the youths of today.

The dreams they set in their eyes,
They will never let go dry.
For, they will never fail to strive,
To keep their sparks of victory alive.

With passion as their potent fuel,
And through the power of will,
They will trample all odds down,
To wear the success crown.

The pangs and woes cannot touch them ever,
Despair can seek place in them never,
To their goals, they intent on,
No stones they would stumble upon.

Words fall short,
In their praise.
For they triumph over,
Time and space.

Name: Aparna Mukherjee
City: Mumbai.


Says The Alarm Clock

Tring tring tring
When my sound ring
Scares there my master
Leaves me in wonder.

When I sweetly say
'Rise and shine' to him
Shakes my Lord
From his lovely dream.

My punky eyes
Look not so pleasing
My cheerful noise
Seem to be threatening.

I faint each day
And be almost dead
When I get his blow
Every morning, on my head.

Agitating creature
I turn out to be
When his grungy towel
Tossed out at me.

Resting on the bed-side table
All day long
Aches my butt
Find no one
With whom I can get along.

Why does my master
Shriek with my sound?
Shows his grumpy face to me
All day round.

Mosquitoes in the night
Hover around my head
My owner basks in slumber
On his cushy bed.
Name: Aparna Mukherjee
City: Mumbai.

The Angel Drops Of Heaven

The blazing sun
Seeks place to hide
When she sets off
On her merry ride.

Dancing and swaying
When comes she
Her touch leaves tranquil
Sends through all the alleviating feel.

In nature reflects
Her charm and grace
Unfolds her beauty
In her glorious face.

When her grace of love falls through
Her angel drops
Quench the thirst
Like a honey dew.

For I hear the rhythm in the street
Floats in air through the field
The crystal droplets when beat the ground
Convert the ambience with a soothing sound.

With melody the nature fills
Echo the places where birds all sing
Falls from heaven the crystal pearls
Lift up the hearts with joys and thrills.

Up in the canvas of sky
Seven hues come there by
High above birds take flight
Come there all for a pleasure sight.

All take a bow
When she sets her dazzling feet
For, she is the princess
All await her to meet.

Name:Aparna Mukherjee
State/ City: Mumbai, India

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Best Tourist Spots Of St. Louis, Missouri

Best Tourist Spots Of St. Louis, Missouri If you are on a getaway to St. Louis and thinking on the places to visit, then keep reading the article to know the best tourist spots of St. Louis. 1) Forest Park: Have fun time with your kids at Forest Park which is one of the largest parks of the United States of America. The Park serves as a place of relaxation. The interesting part is the attractions of the Forest Park which catch all to spend time amongst nature. You will be amazed to see countless birds flying in front of you. The fresh greenery of the place will rejuvenate your mind and body. Inside the Forest Park, you will be marvelled to watch various entertainments to enthrall you. The Park has many things to offer its visitors. Participate in the host of events catered for all in the Park. 2) The St. Louis Zoo: Surprise your kids with something new by taking them to the St. Louis Zoo where they will have fun watching around 20,000 animals moving at the zoo. Inside the zoo, there are plenty of shops, eateries and other attractions in store for you. There is no admission charge to enter the zoo. Have a memorable time with penguins, hippos and many other animals in the premise of the zoo. If you and your kids like to play with water, then slide through the pool located at the Children's Zoo. Every year, you will get a chance to see new animals and learn new facts about them. 3) City Museum: Get bewitched at the City Museum which is opened for all tourists and inhabitants of St. Louis. Get drowned in the eclectic blend of fun and frolic such as, magnificent art pieces, funhouse and playground for children, set inside the museum. The architecture of the museum is a worth-watching sight. The various exhibits of the museum will sure to add a zing in the moments spend with your kids and loved ones. The new exhibits which enhance the adventure of the place are World Aquarium, MonstroCity, Shoe Shaft and the Enchanted Caves. Derive knowledge from the large number of display items placed in the museum. 4) The Muny: If you are visiting St. Louis during summer season, then you should bask in the spectacular theatrical performances in The Muny which is situated in the precinct of the Forest Park. The summer nights in The Muny is simply captivating. Plunge in the beauty of the outdoor theatre and take pride in watching high-end music shows and plays performed by renowned actors. Avail the benefit of booking the show absolutely free of cost by way of the first-come, first-served scheme. The set-up of The Muny is quite distinct which fascinates theatre and music lovers to seek aesthetic pleasures amidst sundry shows and plays. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Best hotels of St. Louis

Best hotels of St. Louis If St. Louis of Missouri is in the list of your next travel destination, then have a quick look at the article to know the best hotels of St. Louis where you can unwind your vacation days. 1) Four Seasons Hotel: Make your stay convenient at the lavish hotel at Four Seasons Hotel at St. Louis. Sip a hot cup of coffee while watching the spectacular views from the windows of the hotel room. Indulge in the eye-catching scenery of the Missouri river from your classy room of the hotel. From breakfast to dinner, you can binge in the delectable served in the restaurant zone of the hotel. Have a rejuvenating body massage in the spa which is located in the precinct of the hotel. A host of amenities such as fitness zone, swimming pool, a large business centre and high-end rooms are catered for every tourist who stays in the hotel. 2) Americas Best Value Inn: Check in the plush hotel in Americas Best Value Inn at St. Louis which caters countless amenities to its guests. Relax in the cozy environment of the hotel room and bask in numerous facilities in store for you. The hotel is situated right next to the Bush Stadium. The air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi service, lip-smacking dishes served at the food court of the hotel, exercize zone, an outdoor pool and a sophisticated business room will make your stay pleasant. Satiate your palate with hot continental breakfast which is free of cost for the guests who come to stay at the hotel. 3) The Westin St. Louis: One of the upscale hotels in St.Louis is The Westin St. Louis. Dive in the top class amenities offered for its tourists in the hotel. The hotel rooms are well equipped with entertainments which allure the visitors to extend their stay for longer days. Give your body a relaxing massage at the spa during your stay. Reap the benefits of the health club and various body treatments catered in the hotel. The recreations and the delicious foods served up at the food court are simply alluring. Get the advantage of free high speed internet service and an array of services presented to the tourists at the hotel. 4) Sonesta Es Suites: Plunge in the lap of luxury in the hotel stay of Sonesta Es Suites hotel which offers the top-notch amenities to comfy your stay at your best. If you are a health buff, then the hotel has a fitness zone which is opened for 24 hours. Let your body dip in the water of the outdoor pool which is another spot of relaxation to revivify your tensed muscles. The entertainments catered inside the room of the hotel will sure to amaze you. With the benefits of airport shuttle, housekeeping service, laundry services, mouth-watering barbecues and cushy furniture, you are sure to enjoy the exotic ambience of the amenities provided for you in the hotel. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee