Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Poems Published Digital Magazine US

The Youths Of Today

No fear can make its stay,
No hurdle can hinder their way,
They know how to live each day,
For, they are the youths of today.

The dreams they set in their eyes,
They will never let go dry.
For, they will never fail to strive,
To keep their sparks of victory alive.

With passion as their potent fuel,
And through the power of will,
They will trample all odds down,
To wear the success crown.

The pangs and woes cannot touch them ever,
Despair can seek place in them never,
To their goals, they intent on,
No stones they would stumble upon.

Words fall short,
In their praise.
For they triumph over,
Time and space.

Name: Aparna Mukherjee
City: Mumbai.


Says The Alarm Clock

Tring tring tring
When my sound ring
Scares there my master
Leaves me in wonder.

When I sweetly say
'Rise and shine' to him
Shakes my Lord
From his lovely dream.

My punky eyes
Look not so pleasing
My cheerful noise
Seem to be threatening.

I faint each day
And be almost dead
When I get his blow
Every morning, on my head.

Agitating creature
I turn out to be
When his grungy towel
Tossed out at me.

Resting on the bed-side table
All day long
Aches my butt
Find no one
With whom I can get along.

Why does my master
Shriek with my sound?
Shows his grumpy face to me
All day round.

Mosquitoes in the night
Hover around my head
My owner basks in slumber
On his cushy bed.
Name: Aparna Mukherjee
City: Mumbai.

The Angel Drops Of Heaven

The blazing sun
Seeks place to hide
When she sets off
On her merry ride.

Dancing and swaying
When comes she
Her touch leaves tranquil
Sends through all the alleviating feel.

In nature reflects
Her charm and grace
Unfolds her beauty
In her glorious face.

When her grace of love falls through
Her angel drops
Quench the thirst
Like a honey dew.

For I hear the rhythm in the street
Floats in air through the field
The crystal droplets when beat the ground
Convert the ambience with a soothing sound.

With melody the nature fills
Echo the places where birds all sing
Falls from heaven the crystal pearls
Lift up the hearts with joys and thrills.

Up in the canvas of sky
Seven hues come there by
High above birds take flight
Come there all for a pleasure sight.

All take a bow
When she sets her dazzling feet
For, she is the princess
All await her to meet.

Name:Aparna Mukherjee
State/ City: Mumbai, India

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