Monday, December 28, 2015

Quick And Easy Tips To Prevent Pimples

Quick And Easy Tips To Prevent Pimples Undoubtedly, a flawless skin makes you look attractive. Pimples on your face conceal the radiant look and make your skin ugly. Do you want to get rid of the red spots on the skin? Have an overlook of the article to get easy tips to prevent pimples. Wash Your Face: By using a mild face cleanser, you can keep your face free from diet. Wash Your face with cold or lukewarm water to keep the pores of the skin open and clean. Eat Well: Avoid fast foods, chocolates and oily foods to have a pimple-free face. Binge on a healthy diet such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, juices, yogurt and so on. Apply Ice Pack: To rid of an eruption, wrap an ice cube in the piece of cloth and dab it on the affected area of the skin. It helps reduce pimples. Honey Mask: Honey is an antioxidant agent. Hence, applying a layer of honey on the skin will not allow pimple eruption. Use Lemons: Squeeze a fresh lime juice. Take a cotton swab and pour the juice over it. Now, dab the cotton swab on the pimple scars. Make Use Of Aloe Vera: You can either apply aloe vera juice on the skin or include in your daily diet. The juice of aloe vera acts as an anti-fungal and anti-septic agent which regulates pimples and helps the red marks on the skin heal faster. Without wasting any time, get hold of the useful tips to keep pimples at bay. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Ways To Have Baby Soft Skin

Ways To Have Baby Soft Skin Who does not wish to have a beautiful skin? Having baby soft skin is hard to get in the huff and puff of the city life. Is your skin harsh when you touch? Have you lost the glow of the skin? If yes, then read this article to know some effective ways to have baby soft skin. Causes Of Harsh Skin: Pollution, exposure to sun rays, comstant application of makeup, harsh chemicals in soaps and cosmetics and dirt. Effective Tips: Cleansing: Cleanse your face and body with cleanser once a day to remove dirt which gets stuck in the pores of the skin. Exfoliate: Use exfoliating scrub to get shot of dead cells excessive oils which make your skin look pale. Moisturize: After having a shower, ensure to moisturize your skin with cream or body lotion to get the softness in the skin. Shield Your Skin From UV rays: Exposing your skin to the UV rays of the Sun makes your skin baleful. Use umbrella and apply a good quality UV sunscreen lotion to retain the soft texture of your skin. Consume Water: Make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Consumption of water will hydrate your skin and maintain the fresh look for hours together. Avoid Cosmetics: Cosmetics are harmful for skin. Harsh chemicals used in beauty products deem to be unsafe for skin. Nutritious Foods: Fill your plates with multivitamins to get the natural glow. Keep in mind the points mentioned above to get a refreshing result on your skin. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

Vital Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair

Vital Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair Taking a daily care of hair might look tough in today's hectic life. But, it is essential to give your hair the attention it needs for the healthy growth of your hair. With some easy steps mentioned below, you can not only have luscious hair, but also enhance the hair growth naturally. Proper Use Of Shampoo And Conditioner: Do not wash your hair on and off. Washing your hair with a shampoo which is enriched with natural oils and harmless chemicals twice a week will prevent your hair from getting damaged. The conditioner helps to give a bouncy look on the hair. Moisturize: Give your hair a moisturizing touch by using five essential oils such as coconut, almond, olive, castor and lavender oils. Blend all the five oils in equal proportion and directly apply onto the dry hair prior to your shower. For best results, repeat the procedure for twice in a week. Eat Healthy: Have a healthy diet which is filled with vitamins and proteins. A nutritious diet will upgrade the quality of your hair. Points To Remember: 1) Never brush your wet hair. 2) Avoid blow-dryer as much as possible, as it makes your hair unhealthy. 3) Always use a wide toothed comb to brush the tangles. 4) Get shot of split ends by trimming your hair on a regular basis. 5) Stay away from harsh chemicals applied during styling your hair. Follow the aforementioned tips to get your desired hair. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee