Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attract Your Living Style With Bengal Handicraft

After a bustling day, a home is a place where you get solace. Hence, the ambience of a home should exude a tinge of warmth and serenity. The bright painted walls, soft leather furniture’s; elegant show pieces adorn the d├ęcor of your room. And so, you hand pick the best stuff, as each item unveils the hidden charm of your place.
Have you ever thought of dolling up your home an ethnic way by placing handicraft items?

How about getting showers of compliments for having worn an exclusive outfit with vibrant artwork which makes you a centre of attraction of a function or a party?

Handicraft items complement a sophisticated look to your lifestyle. Handicrafts of each place have a story which is engraved in the form of designs and embroideries. They depict the pictures of a socio-cultural set-up of a region. The traditional features in handmade works preserve the Indian heritage, promoting the local culture of a place; whereas, the traditional elements are retained in the works of the handicraft products with an immense commercial value in the international market. Like each state represents their aesthetic side through their creative forms; so also, the rich heritage of West Bengal is beautifully projected in the creative form of handicrafts.  With the snowcapped hills of Darjeeling as the crown of West Bengal, the state is a diverse landscape of delicacies, art and culture. The textile and handloom industries of Bengal are renowned around the globe. The unique designs have always been catchy in a Bengali wear and in Bengali homes.  Let us take a quick glance of what the state's handmade objects have in store, and in what way they can embellish your living style.

To start with, the Baluchari sarees, silk and tasar textile produced in Bishnupur, Bankura, Murshidabad are the prides of Bengal. The intricate works in Baluchari and other silk sarees make a wearer stand out in a crowd. Other splendid handmade creations by the artisans are jute crafts, wood and crane crafts, conch-shell crafts, brass wares, the Dhokra art and folk dolls are all to prettify your look and the look of your home. The state practices a number of handworks on which they specialize and are the masters, such as Masks-- to deck the walls, terracotta works-- narrate the stories of ancient ages and epics, Dhokra art --beautify the empty spaces of your home, Solapith-- uplift the beauty of deities during festivals and also to doll up the bridal look, Cane and Bamboo objects fancily the decorative pieces of furniture’s.

In the enchanting works, one will get to have a glimpse of the nomadic and mythological characters which explicit the primitive time. The elaborated and exclusive designs in handicraft items add grace not only to the interiors but also in the wardrobe. Irrespective of modern advancements that take place rapidly, crafts are an integral part of an Indian lifestyle. From a home to an opulent star hotel, the timeless quality of Bengal handicraft gives a sense of sophistication to your living. Change the style and appearance of your interior and your wear by welcoming Bengal handmade products and see the difference.
Author -Aparna Mukherjee.