Monday, April 18, 2016

Five Tricky Relationship Advice for Men

What makes a relationship fruitful? 

Some men think that pleasing a woman is very tough. Whereas, some men perceive women as mysterious. If you think understanding a woman is a tricky job, then you are thinking wrong. Making a woman feel special does not always mean that you have to shower your woman with pricey gifts. Women expect simple things which show you love her. In this article, you will come across some useful "relationship tips for men" which will help bolster your relationship and will keep both of you together forever.

1) Have a one-on-one conversation:

When your lady has to say anything to you, then make sure you are all ears. Do not reckon your woman's conversation as a tedious discourse. Women expect her man to lend his ears when she speaks. Showing interest in her communication will make her more confident in her speech. Your active participation during her conversation will help her know that you want her to be spoken. Hence, your attention while she speaks counts a lot.

Eye contact:

Some people have the habit of not making direct eye contact with people they are talking to. This conveys lack of interest for your companion. When you are with your woman, you should keep your gaze straight at your woman's eyes. Keeping your eyes down from your girl indicates your empathy towards the person. When you like your woman, do not avoid eye contact with her, as the eye contact is a reflection of your openness for the person you are with.

A gentleman quality:

Dating with the one you love is a part of a relationship. It does not matter the number of times you date. What matters is your behavior while you date. Few "dating tips" such as gentle attitude, genuine feelings, positive approach, good control over your sexual desire, and acknowledge and respect for your woman are some of the pivotal dating ideas which every man must keep in his mind while he is on a date with his special someone. Every woman wishes to be respected by her man. Showing your gentlemen side will build up more affection for you in her heart.

4) Exude true feelings:

If you are in love with your lady, then you should not hide your feelings. This does not mean that you have to say 'I love you' 10 times a day. A strong emotional attachment binds two persons into a profound relationship. Expressing sweet nothings at times or fulfilling her emotional requirements makes her believe that you are always there beside her through thick and thin. Do not give the excuse of being busy at all times. Your lady demands your time and you should spend some quality time with her amidst your hectic schedule.

5) Make her feel secure:

Most women dislike the pervert attitude of men. Having an ogling stare or expressing your amorous love for a woman will keep her away from you. Your persistent sexual approach will develop a lack of stability and mistrust in your relationship. Provide her the emotional and physical security she needs.

Making your woman happy is not a big deal. Follow the five beneficial "relationship advice for men" to lay a strong foundation of your love life. Nurture your romantic life to make it bloom into a glorious relationship.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee