Friday, March 18, 2016

Family of Amancio Ortega

The renowned name of the founder-cum-chairman of the Inditex Group which is known across the globe is the Amancio Ortega. The accessories and attires of the organization have reached its zenith and are extremely appreciated by all. From designer clothes to cheap attires, one can find a tinge of latest trend in every garment and accessory materials. His father was an employee at a railroad service and his mother was a homemaker. Of three siblings, Mr Ortega was the youngest of them. He has two spouses named Rosali Mera who was his ex-wife and the present spouse is Flora Perez.

He got hitched with Rosa Mera in 1966. She was also the founder of Zara. Later in 1986, the couple got estranged and Mr Ortega tied the knot with Flora Perez in 2001. The couple has three children. Sandra Ortega is the daughter of Rosalia and Mr Ortega is presently into the field of psychology. Sandra's interest lies in philanthropic work. Activities in an NGO fascinate her a lot. Hence, she devotes her time to an NGO as well.

Marcos is a special child of Rosalia and Ortega. The cerebral palsy has made him physically retarded. Since then, his parents made a decision to run a foundation which has adults and kids who are fighting with the disorder.

Marta, the youngest of the three kids, is the daughter of Flora Perez and Ortega. Marta was under the supervision of his father who trained her in business skills. She inherited the qualities of textile business from his father. She is the princess of the fashion kingdom and has been able to notch a high-profile designation in the industry whose foundation stone was laid by his victorious father.

Autobiography of Amancio Ortega

Who does not know about the Inditex fashion group? The eminent organization is one of the best fashion industries in the world. Mr Ortega's origin is from Spain. He spent a big chunk of his childhood in Busdongo De Asbas in Spain. At a very early age of 14, Mr Ortega stopped his education mid way and got shifted with his family at La Coruna.

After moving to a new location, he managed to get an employment as a shoemaker at a local shop of La Coruna. At the shop, he acquired the learning skills of stitching and making clothes. Later in 1972, he started his own firm which he names Comfecciones Goa. It is the organization where he used to sell out quilted bathrobes made by him. With the help of the fabulous work of the countless women workers, his business started flourishing. He decided to start his store named Zara in 1975.

Taking the help of his wife, the store became one of the leading stores of the city. Apart from more than 6000 branded stores, Inditex Group has been succeeded in notching a huge success in every brand of clothing.

Mr Ortega's simple living style made him very popular in his fans. His active participation in the process of design is very commendable. He never wore the crown of pride on his head. He always kept himself away from the glam world. One of the interesting sides of his personality is that he has never worn attires manufactured by his company. In 2000, he came into limelight which became a prominent headline in numerous press agencies. Till date, the products of Inditex have been successful in retaining its third position in the fashion industry.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee