Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ease The Unease Of Sunburn

Long days, handkerchiefs and umbrellas in hands, wide-rimmed sun hats, warm breeze, humidity, blazing heat, and lonely streets signify the onset of summer time. It is the time to keep your body cool and to quench your thirst in chilled beverages. Life doesn't let you be cost at all times. Although you feel like, you can't sit at home in front of the coolers and under the air conditioners. Be it any season, you have to step out of your comfort zone to earn your livelihood.
Hence, a special care to be taken when you are outdoors during summer days. If summer is the name of playtime and vacation, it is also a house of diseases. During this time, people are likely to suffer from heat-related skin problems.  Taking care of skin is vital in all seasons. Summer is the time when skin gets affected the most from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. One such is sunburn. People are prone to tan and sunburn due to prolong exposure of scorching heat on the skin. Before going into the detail of how to get shot of sunburn, let us get to know a bit about sunburn.

Sunburn And Its Causes: A continuous exposure to sun rays for a longer period of time makes your skin red and inflamed, along with a burning sensation. Factors linked to sunburn are your skin type, the intensity of the sun and the duration your skin is exposed to the hot rays. Having sunburn could be an alarming signal to make you aware you are at risk of skin damage.

Signs Of Sunburn: A sunburned skin gets red and pains by the heat of the UV rays. If the sunburn gets harsh, you can get the feel of swell and blisters. Other signs are nausea, headache, weakness and flu.
Quick Home Remedies: Coming to the significant point on how to keep your skin protected from sunburn. Following are the easy remedies to have a soothing relief from the burn.

Have a rundown of few remedies to beat the burn: 

1) A cool compress on the sunburned area is a great heal.
2) For a cool and refreshing relief on the sun burnt skin, slather Aloe Vera gel for a quick heal.
3) Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath water to get a soothing effect on the sun burnt place.
4) To have an instant effect and to work wonders on the painful sunburn area, slather yogurt.
5) Wrap few ice cubes in a towel and dab it directly on the sunburned place.
6) Apply a paste of milk and turmeric on the sun burnt area. Keep it for 10 minutes. Rinse off with
lukewarm water.
7) Use of Vitamin E helps buffer the inflammation of the sunburn.
8) Make a chilled cucumber paste and apply in the affected areas.
Make sun your friend by filling yourself with adequate water, shield yourself with sunscreen, avoid direct contact with the sunrays and retain a natural glow by applying the remedies. No ouch from the sunburn. No fear of UV rays. Make summer time your fun time!

Author: Aparna Mukherjee.