Monday, January 12, 2015

Tips For Your Winter Care And Winter Diet To Punch The Winter Woe

Who does not dream to have a soft and glossy skin in all seasons? Having a smooth complexion for all seasons is a wish of every person. How do you take care of skin in the dead of winter? You take precautions to cover yourself up from tip to toe in order to keep cold at bay. What do you do to keep your skin unaffected from dry and harsh cold weather of winter days? Read through to know some useful methods to shield your skin from unbearable chills. Give a rosy glow to your skin during these winter months.

1) Keep Your Skin Oily: The key to keep your skin glossy and soft is to have an oil-based moisturizer. Moisturize your skin with oil-based lotion or cream that will retain moisture and keep your skin smooth throughout the season. An array of moisturizers is displayed in the drugstores to claim the best for your skin. Keep in mind that not all moisturizers are apt for all seasons. Always look for a winter moisturizer that has mineral oil, avocado oil and almond oil.

2) Have Warm Showers: Generally, people get sluggish to drench their bodies in water in winter days. As a result, they invite more skin problems which can aggravate later. Have showers of warm water and keep the bathing period short. Use glycerin-based soaps when you bath. If possible, you can head on to the spas to give your skin the extra care of sea salt bath or oatmeal bath.

3) Choose The Right Outfit: Give your skin a comfort of soft fabrics. Be aware of polyester or itchy woolen materials that may cause irritation in your skin. Soft clothing is much preferable in winter. Avoid tight-fitting attires.

4) Hearty Diet: Let your skin sparkle the glow with omega-3 fatty acids. Delight in the culinary of fish to get the maximum amount of omega-3 to keep your skin radiant.

5)Drink Healthy Liquids: It goes without saying, water is the best cleanser for human body. The more you drink water, the more your skin oozes out the natural glow. Have sips of herbal tea or a glass of fresh orange juice is equally beneficial to save the skin from infection in winter. Let the cold waves do not dent your skin. Replace the lackluster skin with the moisture-packed lustrous skin this winter.

Healthful Foods To Snack The Winter Woes 

When you start to feel the cold breeze touches your skin, you get the signal of the chilly season setting in your country. It is the time when your feet do not like to hit the frozen floor. All you wish for a hot coffee near the fireplace or to snuggle up with a good book on the couch. As you cover yourself with the winter attires to protect from chilly wind, what steps do you take to zing up your diet? This chilly season is the optimum time to infuse your body with nutrient-rich foods and to keep the stamina alive in the bone-chilling winter days. Upgrade your health with balanced foods to smack the winter woes. Make the best of your diet in this winter. Choose the right foods to keep you vigorous even in the chills.

A) A Healthy Breakfast: Start your winter mornings to make a healthy breakfast meal. Rounds of hot coffee or hot chocolate will only curb your hunger cravings. To keep you peppy all day long, stuff your breakfast plate with boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. Stimulate the taste buds with the slices of whole baked breads. A bowl of oats soaked in milk will surely increase your energy levels and will keep you active for the rest of the day. Grab two bananas from the fruit bowl in the mid-morning breakfast to keep your mood uplifted throughout the day.

B) A Hearty Lunch: Set your foot in the kitchen to make a soup of spinach sprinkled with pepper powder to warm you up in cold winter days. Prepare a dish of fishes to kick out depression in winter afternoons. Keep your spirits high with roasted chicken or a lip-smacking cuisine.

C) Mood-Lifting Munchies: Roast a handful of walnuts and Brazil nuts to savor the chilly evenings. Open the fridge to relish in the dark chocolates which will shoot up your hormone levels and regulate anxiety disorders.

D) A Wholesome Dinner: Load your dinner plate with vegetable menus. Let the winter night meal be loaded with sufficient nutrition to keep you sailing for the entire chilly season. Dish out protein-filled foods that contain beans, lentils and sprouts. Have toothsome servings of mushrooms to prevent from mood fluctuation. The delectable crispy of low-cottage cheese for starters can add zing to the taste of winter blues. Beat the winter with nutritious and sumptuous meals.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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