Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bon Voyage To Pondicherry

Walking along the seaside of the blue waters, sparkling sand, roaring shores, waves crashing against the rock, a leisure stroll on a beach flying you away to a tranquil land. Suddenly, you hear of a buzz near your ears, and you manage to open your sleepy eyes to see your alarm goes off at 06.00 am. For a while, you feel if it was not a dream, but a pleasant reality. Some dreams can be converted into a reality. The very mention of a fancy dream of travel stirs wanderlust in even the most inexperienced traveler.

Let your mind witness a breath-taking scenic place, which is ready to captivate you with its captive panoramic views. Our mind clogs facing the irritations of weather and the daily chores in the city we live in. To rejuvenate and slow time down, one needs to unwind in a place where you can be yourself. Take the remote of life in your hand, press the pause button for a while, and take flight far off from the crowded city life to a place where the sun place exist? You could enjoy such a splendid sight at one of India's surprise land named Pondicherry, situated on the sea coast of the Bay of Bengal, and is just three hours' travel from Chennai. Peek into the History: History dates back to the 17th century when French had its colonial rule on Pondicherry; and hence, it was the largest French colony in India until 1956. The pleasant mix of the East and the West is clearly visible in the place. The quiet streets of Pondicherry will take you to the times when French had its dwell on the place. You will get a glimse of clean pave blocked streets with French names engraved on them, colonial bungalows with the enchanting French architecture. No doubt, the place is of a great historical interest. Must See: The beautiful structures of French heritage, churches, beaches, resorts have their own spectacular beauty. The big draw for spiritually inclined people is the abode of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Where youth never ages and abound of knowledge is set for all is the serene place of Auroville.

The museum of Pondicherry showcases a rich past of the art and social life of the dynasty once ruled here. Further on, the long promenade running along the seaside fascinates a number of tourists. As you stroll around, the French Governor Dupleix, the elegant war memorial erected by the French, and the gigantic 27 meter tall lighthouse on the sea front will take your breath away. To while away your evenings, the Rocky Beach is one such sought-after hotspots. The blue waters gives you a host of watersports activities. Wine and Dine: What is in the platter? Pondicherry dishes out a wide range of cuisines from the Tamilian delicacies like Idiappam, Thosai, prawn bajji to the lipsmacking French cookery like coq au vin (chicken in wine).

The mouthwatering blends of delectable menus of the East and the West increase the appetite of avid foodies to binge on the new eateries of the delightful place. Shopper's Stop: After tasting a host of eateries, do not skip your mind to take home the ethnicities of Pondicherry. The handloom clothes in traditional designs, hand-made carpets,textiles,cane furnitures, the crafted dolls and toys of terracotta, boutiques of Nehru Street and M G Road will make you to take delight in the art while you shop. To experience the magnificence of the place, take a week off, switch off your mobile, and let yourself fly in beholding the beauties of nature. Take the pleasure moments in your fist, and be in a place where you can vivify yourself, which has been lost amid piles of work. A chinese proverb says, "Don't listen to what they say. Go see."

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