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Signs Of A Rogue Mover

After the months of hard work, finally the day has arrived when you see your belongings getting loaded into the truck. Meanwhile, you and your family are busy with the last minute packing of luggage. After a while, your mover informs you that all the items are safely loaded and the moving truck is all set to leave the destination. You heave a sigh of relief. As soon as the truck leaves from your place, you also start your journey towards your new abode. On the way to your new home, you get a call from your mover demanding to increase the sum of moving costs. You are stunned to hear such unexpected demand from your mover. You are also being informed from your mover that the moving truck will not be reached to its location unless you agree to pay the new moving charges. In such a situation, you are left with no option but to meet your mover's demands.

Can your mover take such drastic step at the eleventh hour?

Have you read through all the points mentioned in the documents?
Do you have a receipt of the charges given by your mover?
Did your mover visit your home to have a look to the household goods for shifting process?
Did your mover give you an oral estimation without handing over an actual statement of estimation in black and white?
Did you assign the responsibilities of your possessions to a rogue mover?

This is the prime question that darts in your mind. It is possible for anyone to get in trap of a rogue mover. Many a time, people do not understand the difference between a rogue mover and an authorized mover. But, before you make your mind to sign the deal with your mover, you have the right to know and investigate each minute detail of the mover.

How will you recognize a rogue mover?

Do not forget that a rogue mover will send you red signals to your mind which you fail to spot them at the right time. No more falling in the traps of crafty movers. Protect yourself and your possessions from getting destroyed in the wrong hands. In this article, have an overview of the points and know the signs of a rogue mover. This article aims to make you alert and safeguard you from the unauthorized rogue mover.

1) The first sign to spot is a rogue mover will offer you an estimation of low cost. Either the estimation will be discussed over the phone or by sending a mail. The moving company might provide you a fake website of his company which bears the estimation of low cost to attract the attention of the consumers. By providing a low estimation at first, the mover lays a trap on the consumers, so that the mover can charge more later on.
2) Generally, an authorized mover makes estimation on the basis of the weight of the household goods. But, a rogue mover will make estimation on the basis of cubic feet. If you are not aware of the term 'cubic feet', then make yourself familiar with the term before you sign the estimation papers. A cubic feet is the truck space. At the time of estimation, a rogue mover will prepare estimates on the basis of truck space which is not legal according to the rules of the authentic movers. If a moving company offers you this type of estimation, reject it on the spot.
3) The moving company will never pay a visit to your residence to check your possessions. The moving company will not send any of his laborers to have a look or to inspect the condition of your possessions.
4) Without an on-site inspection of your household goods, the mover will ask for the money before the procedures of moving are carried out.
5) A rogue mover will never inform you about your rights and responsibilities on your moving. Usually, when a consumer has a discussion on the process of moving, a mover is bound to handover 'Your Rights And Responsibilities' brochure to the consumer. In such a case, a rogue mover will not provide this brochure to the consumers.
6) When you log on to a rogue mover's website, you will not come across with the mover's contact information and office address. Another point you will notice is that there will be no information given regarding the license of the moving company. When you glance through the entire website, you will find that there are no points covered on the insurance coverage by the moving company.
7) There are several queries a consumer has in mind to ask the mover. When you ring up to dial a number of the mover, you will get to hear a generic call. Other times, it may happen that your call in received by some other person, rather than the original head of the moving company. If you notice carefully, you will come to know the moving company's name is not said during a generic call.
8) In many occasions, a consumer has to visit the office of a moving company. When you go to visit the office of the moving company, you may get to see the office in shabby condition. In some cases, it has been seen that a consumer could not locate the office of a moving company. Most of the times, the offices of the rogue moving companies do not seem to exist.
9) A rogue moving company will never give the original address to its consumers. A fake address is given to the consumers. Hence, it is imperative to visit to your mover's office to verify the office address.
10) Pay attention when you talk to a rogue mover. A rogue mover will generally agree to your terms and conditions. All the replies given by your mover will be in positive.
11) There are websites available where you can verify the authorization of a moving company. The website such as Better Business Bureau and other websites aim to provide the tracks of moving companies. You can easily find out whether the moving company is original or not by looking at the records mentioned in the websites. A rogue moving company will never get its office name registered in any official websites. Even if a rogue mover does register the office name, it will be changed frequently.
12) Be patient and read slowly when you read documents given by the mover. If your mover asks you to sign a blank paper or any blank documents, step back from signing such fake documents. Signing such false documents can land you in trouble in your moving process. The rogue movers are likely to take advantage of the consumers' signature on the blank documents. Having signed on them, the rogue mover may add new clauses or amounts that were not mentioned in earlier documents. Be mindful in every step of your move.
13) On the day when you move, a rogue mover will send a rental truck bearing no name of the moving company. A rogue mover will see to it that your possessions get loaded in an ordinary rented truck instead of the company-owned truck.
14) Do not believe on the oral statements of a mover. A rogue mover will convince you into believing that all your household goods are covered by the insurance of the moving company.
15) Do you want to find a detail account on the rogue movers?
Click on to You will get a list of rogue movers that will make you alert in advance before you hire your desired mover. Make the best of the points mentioned above and prevent yourself from being a scapegoat in the hands of rogue movers.
Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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