Monday, December 1, 2014

Soft Drinks Are Injurious To Health

Soft drinks are the favorite beverage found in every occasion. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, a social gathering, or a wedding party, soft drinks are the center of attraction among other beverages served in any social function. In other words, parties begin with opening up soft drink bottles. Are you aware of the other side of consuming soft drinks? On one hand, soft drinks make its center place in a social outing, business meetings and other occasions. On the other hand, it oozes out a host of disease harmful for health. It has been observed that some people are into the habit of consuming soft drinks after their meal. This article will shed light on why soft drink consumptions are injurious to health.

1)The phosphoric acid mixed in soft drinks leads to softening the bones. The consumption of soft drinks gives birth to osteoporosis and cavity problems. The phosphoric acid instilled in soft drinks gives rise to stomach acid, blocking the path of digestion.
2)The high amount of sugar added in soft drinks increases the level of blood sugar, making you prone to the deadly disease of diabetes.
3) The caffeine mixed in soft drinks is baneful for health. It ascends the risk of cancers, high blood pressure. It can create lumps in the breasts. You can feel the unease of irregular heartbeats.
4) One of the reasons of stomach infections is soft drinks. The water in the soft drinks you consume is the tap water which has harmful chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.
5) Quit the habit of soft drinks in order to be in shape. Consumption of soft drinks can take you in the path of obesity. People who drink soft drinks on and off are likely to fall in the pit of obesity.
6) The soda content in soft drinks which makes all to grab the bottle to consume has malicious effects. The soda has no nutritional value. Hence, the soda instilled in the soft drinks affect the functions of the body.

Drink healthy to stay fit.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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