Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Few Approaches To Curb The Moving Expenses

For several years, you have been living in a home where every corner of your place is familiar to you. You are friendly with every small and big items kept in the closets, drawers of the rooms. Owing to certain circumstances, you are about to move to a new location in the midst of strangers and an unknown surrounding. A new challenge is set before you. Moving in a new place is no less than a challenge, isn't it?  
Getting your prized possessions and your valuable items shifted in one piece is the biggest concern for all who move. After you come up a list of belongings you need to take along, you realize the moving expense will end up higher. Scratching your head and pondering over how to minimize the expense will not sort out the problem.  

Moving to a new home with a moving company will certainly break your bank. But when it comes to moving, you can't skimp on the useful and requisite items. Have a rundown on the points below to know how to economize your budget when signing up for a mover.

If you are moving to a long distance, your moving budget is bound to be expensive. The transportation cost, moving fees and additional costs added by a moving company will cost you a hefty price. There are ways to curb the cost when hiring a moving company. Follow the methods mentioned below when renting a moving truck.

  1. Mitigate The Items: List out the stuff you need the most. Keep the much-needed items aside. Now, enlist the items which seem to be less important. Having listed those, you can put those books, toys, clothes and other stuff to a garage sale or donate in the charitable institutions. Things that seem to be impossible to put on bargain or on sale, let the items used by needy ones. Giving the items, which can be reusable, in charity is the best thing you can do. The less you transit, the less cost you bear. 
  2. Move When Fares Are Lower:  Schedule the move when business is quiet. The best time to hire a mover is when the business activity of the company runs low. Select the right time to cut down your expense. Also, ask for special deals offered by your mover during off-duty season. 
  3. Reserve Movers Ahead Of Time: Reserving your movers at the eleventh hour increases the chance of moving expense. To curb the amount, it is advisable to reserve a moving crew in advance. Call for a mover months ahead of your moving date. 
  4. Ask For Different Service Charges: Before you sign up with your mover, have insights on the various service charges such as charges on accessories and others. It is always better to know the list of service charges from the mover and the fees related to it. Having done so, you will get a clear idea on the services you need the most and then go for the charges accordingly. 
  5. Arrive In Your New Flat Before Time: Reach your new abode before the moving truck drives up at your place. As soon as the items-loaded truck arrives, get them unloaded and placed at your new home at once. Having reached your new place in advance can save you from storage cost. 
  6. Pack As Much As You Can: Take help of people you know can assist you in packing the maximum stuff. Choose items that need a professional packing such as electronic appliances. The less are packed, the less money is likely to expend.  

Have a cost-effective move.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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