Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taste And Obtain The Benefits Of Apricots And Avocados

How about having a glass of milkshake apricots? Have you ever tried to add dried apricots in your daily meal? Have you tossed apricots in your breakfast cereal? Did your kids get the taste of sweet, juicy fruit salad of apricots? Not many people are aware of the yellowish-orange fruit named apricot. The smooth texture of apricots attracts people to indulge in the fruit. The sweet and juicy taste seems tasty to tongue and highly nutritious to health.

What Makes Apricot Nutritious? Apricots are brimmed with vitamin A, potassium, calories, vitamin C, copper and fibers.

Use Of Apricots: Apricots can be eaten in dried and raw forms. To enhance the taste in pastries, apricots are added. To give a delightful taste in bread, apricots-based jams are sold in the market. Raise a toast of brandy that is made of apricots.

Healthy Side Of Apricots: 

  1. Lose Weight With Apricots: Do you know the calorie count of apricots is very low? Hence, people who like to be in shape and people want to shed few kilos, delight in apricots. Apricots have high-fiber which helps to boost the digestive systems. 
  2. Keep Your Bones Strong: Keep osteoporosis at bay by consuming a plate of apricots regularly in your meal. Apricots are enriched with calcium to protect your bones from getting brittle. 
  3. Glossy Skin: Dump the artificial cosmetics and get hands on natural glow by consuming ample apricots enriched with vitamin A to make your skin glossy in a natural way. Get shot of acne with the help of consumption of apricots. 
  4. Lower Blood Pressure: A good amount of potassium found in apricots is beneficial for patients suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension. A daily intake of apricots reduces the risk factors associated with hypertension. 
  5. Infuse Good Cholesterol In Your Heart: Have half a cup of apricots for your healthy heart. Apricots are enriched with soluble fibers to keep the LDL in check. Thus, ingesting apricots are recommended to keep your heart free from bad cholesterol. 

 Stay hearty with fresh apricots.

Obtain The Benefits Of Avocados  

You must have tested various salads during your meal. Have you tried a salad preparation of Avocado? If not, then give a shot to the most liked and well-known vegetarian cuisine Avocado. Do you know this sought-after fruit can be used in sundry ways in your meal? In several countries, the fruit is used as milkshake, tasty sandwiches, sushis, chicken delicacies and so forth. The surprising side of Avocado is, it is not only used in delicacies, but also the fruit has a healthy side gifting nutrients needed for a body growth. Are you eager to know more? Have a glance through the article and get to know how to reap the benefits of Avocado.

Important Nutrients: Avocados consist of vital nutrients to safeguard you from body ailments. The calorie-rich fruit will infuse your body with extra energy, keeping you away from fatigue after exertion. Nutrients you intake from this fruit are fiber, protein, beta-sitosterol, lutein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, vitamin A, B, C, E and K.

Health Advantages: 

  1. Decrease In Cholesterol Level: With beta-sitosteral in Avocados, the fruit is quite powerful in decreasing the level of cholesterol. Patients afflicted with cholesterol can eat the fruit for a better result. 
  2. Anti-Inflammation Quality: With phytonutrient qualities present in Avocados, the fruit staves you from inflammatory reactions. 
  3. Control Diabetes: The fiber in Avocados is efficient to keep in check your sugar levels in blood. Root out diabetes with Avocados. 
  4. Fights With Cancer: Women suffering from breast cancer and males inflicted with prostate cancer ingest Avocados as much as possible. Avocados have oleic acid which averts the cancerous effects. 
  5. Heal Bad Breath: Eating Avocados will relieve you from bad breath as they are the natural agents of mouthwash. 
  6. Medication For Skin: For any skin disorders and irritations, nibble on Avocados and have a radiant skin for all life through.  

Have healthy results from Avocados.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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