Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Choose The Right Moving Boxes For Your Convenient Move

Living in a home for a long time helps you know every corner of your place, making you familiar with the surrounding of your home. You get acquainted with all the items and appliances kept in the kitchens, drawers and closets. You know very well where the cutleries are kept in kitchen. In times of emergency, you know from which drawer of your living room you can get your first-aid kit. If you run out of your grocery item, you know in which place of your room you keep the telephone directory. To invite your guests for a get-together or for an anniversary party, you know where the phone diary is kept. In short, spending a big chunk of life in one place provides you a security for yourself and makes you bonded with the place you have been residing for countless years. The pleasure of having spent in a place where you have been living for so long is an unbeatable experience. With changing times and demands, people are forced to detach the bonding of the home where they shared their good and bad times with other members of the family. Certain circumstances make you shift to a new location.

How about getting an enticing offer to stay in a well-furnished home? Your company has offered you with a well-furnished flat, along with other amenities available in the vicinity. A new flat is all set to give you the comforts you wish for. The cozy furniture, a well-designed kitchen, a spacious bathroom, beautifully decorated bedrooms and so on. One cannot decline such a sophisticated offer to start living in a well-furnished home.

On one hand, you are allured to ensconce in a new, well-decorated flat; on the other hand, the challenge of moving in a new locality gives you jitters. Transferring your prized possessions and your inestimable valuable items in a new residence becomes the prime concern of your move. Several questions about moving dart in your mind. Where you will get a reliable moving company? Will the mover take the onus of shifting your valuables in a secure way to your new abode? What if your delicate items get damaged during loading and unloading in the moving truck? How good the packing will be done by your mover? Will the expensive and fragile items be handled properly by your mover? The queries related to moving in a new home have no end. A never-ending worry regarding the shifting process dwells on mind. After paying a large sum of money to your mover for shifting your valuables safely in a new destination, you would certainly want to see all the pricey items in one piece. You cannot allow the swanky and priceless chandelier to be mishandled by your moving company. Don't you want to get your money's worth?

You start gearing up for your moving as soon as you are informed to shift to a new fully-furnished flat. As the moving date approaches, you ensure all the fragile and non-breakable items get properly packed. Generally, people overlook the packing vouch for the safety or damaged from breaking. Mere collecting boxes and stuffing the items will not give you a secure packing. To have a proper packing, you need the right packing supplies and strong moving boxes to prevent your pricey items from getting mutilated. The top-notch moving boxes and a good quality of packing materials are imperative when you start to place your valuables in the boxes. In this article, let us know how to choose the right moving boxes for your convenient move.

Sort The Right Moving Boxes: Before you start putting the items in the boxes, you should know what kind of items you want to pack inside the boxes. Keep the expensive, non-breakable, fragile items separately. For heavy items, you should look for cardboard boxes. If the items are light in weight, ordinary shipping boxes are the apt choice.

Places To Get The Boxes? You can buy the used boxes from grocery stores if the items are not delicate and not expensive. To pack the costly and fragile items, it is recommended to purchase new moving boxes from the stores.

Select The Small Boxes: The duty of your mover is to load the items in the truck and unload the items in your flat. But, it is you who decides which boxes should be moved in the appropriate rooms. Hence, the weight of the box is vital when moving the boxes in the rooms. You must keep in mind that each box should weigh 50 pounds for a convenient moving into your other rooms. To carry the boxes easily from one room to another, keep the weight of the boxes in mind.

Right Types Of Boxes For The Right Types Of Items: Can you place large items into a small box? You need your items to be fitted properly into the boxes. Hence, the size of box matters for a comfortable moving. First things first, know the type of items you want to put into the boxes. For packing items such as dishes, cutleries, lamps, first-aid kits, books and magazines, small kitchen appliances and so on, you should maintain the weight of the boxes up to 50 pounds. Pack your medium size electronic appliances and kitchen utensils, flower vases, small pillows, soft toys and so forth into the boxes which weigh up to 60 pounds. For packing the linens, kitchen utensils, crockery and appliances which weigh larger in size, make use of the boxes that weigh not more than 65 pounds. If you are thinking what should be the maximum weight for packing the boxes that contain heavy items, then the answer is right here. Pack the large size pillows, blankets, cushions for couch and sofas, any heavy wooden materials into the boxes which can weigh up to 70 pounds.

Use Of Cubic Box: The boxes which are rectangular in shape are best ones for carrying your blankets, heavy cushions and other household items. The items get easily fitted into the cubic box and can be lifted and carried in any place.

Hanging Wardrobe Boxes: No one likes to wear crumpled clothes. After shifting to a new abode, you would not like to see the outfits in your suitcase in a wrinkled manner. Take care to get your clothes neatly and rightly packed in the boxes. There are certain types of outfits which need a special kind of box to prevent the clothes from getting crumpled. Use hanging wardrobe boxes which are available in many sizes and are designed like a wardrobe. You can hang your clothes on a metal bar attached in the wardrobe. For any hanging objects, the wardrobe boxes come to avail.

Mirror Boxes: Those framed pictures on the walls enhance the beauty of your homes. The eye-catching artwork hung on the walls of your living room and on the staircase uplifts the aesthetic side of the place. The large decorative mirrors and classy showpieces beautify the look of your home. You cannot leave behind these pricey artworks at your old home. Shift your expensive, delicate mirror artworks and fancy framed pictures safely in mirror boxes. The box is designed to keep brittle items and to carry them with ease.

Let your most loved objects embellish the appearance of your new home. Get the right boxes for the right items.
Have a safe move.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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