Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bask In The Coastal State Of Kerala And Revive In The Ayurvedic Treatments

Close your eyes and imagine a place where you are strolling in the midst of coconut groves and rice paddies, having boat rides, walking along the sandy beaches, trekking in the mountainous Ghats, indulging in an exotic wildlife, spending a leisure time in houseboats and delighting in the toothsome, spicy delicacies of the place. Wake up from the momentarily dream and fly in the coastal state of Kerala. The term 'God's Own Country' goes well Kerala. Kerala welcomes all to take pleasure in the spectacular scenic beauties and to witness a benign charm of the place. How To Reach: The sought-after destination Kerala can be traveled by various routes. To have a sea voyage, Cochin sea-port is the easy route to help you reach Kerala. If you wish to have a luxurious air journey, then you have to start your flight journey from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode airports of the state. If you plan for an adventurous road journey, then have long drives to reach your destination. Indian railways are always there to cater you with super-fast trains to help you arrive in your dream destination.

Places To Stay: Budget-friendly resorts and hotels are available for all tourists from India and overseas. The high-end accommodation facilities are commendable. Sightseeing: The backwaters and beaches are ready to captivate your mind. Dwell in the hills of Kerala for some days to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Unleash your adventurous side and explore the wildlife in the dense woods of Kerala.

Best Time To Visit: Feel the chills and thrills in the season of winter. Shopping And Dining: Handpick the best handicrafts, beautifully designed shell crafts, objects made of wood and horn. Take along the aromatic spices to get the Kerala’s flavor in your food. The textile and the coir objects of Kerala are mind boggling and one of the must-have items to add in your shopping list. The spicy dishes can make drool over any visitors to binge on the delicious dishes plate out in the restaurants of Kerala.

Pamper Yourself In Kerala's Top Ayurvedic Resorts: The backwaters of Kerala and the nature's beauty beckon any tourist to unwind and spend time in the lush greenery of the place. The added benefit is the medicinal plants and herbs are found in abundance to revivify your body and to freshen up your mind. The Ayurveda treatments that are provided by the experts are refreshing. A new wave of energy is unleashed in your body after having the Ayurveda treatments. Places Of Ayurveda Treatments: The Ayurveda treatments of Kerala have made its mark across the globe. To get cured from your ailments, Ayurveda treatments give a healing and a lasting effect on the injured areas. Get the healing treatments at resorts, wellness centers and Ayurvedic clinics. Run your eyes over some of the top-notch Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala.

1) Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort: The resort is situated near Kovalam which caters meditation programs, yoga, Ayurveda to restore your ailments and to revitalize your body and mind. Relax in the natural environment and rejuvenate yourself in the resort located near the Kovalam beach.

2) Beach And Lake Ayurvedic Resort: It is an ideal place to unwind and invigorate the lost energy in you. The ecstatic view of the backwaters and the beach infuses vitality in the mind of every person. Indulge in the homely service and pep up your body with Ayurvedic therapy and yoga.

3) Ideal Ayurvedic Resort: It is the name you can count on for the best Ayurvedic treatments. The resort is located near a beach and amid coconut palms in Kovalam. The Ayurvedic treatments offered in the resort give a lasting positive result.

4) Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort: A highly professional service on Ayurveda treatments can be obtained in the resort. The resort is situated on the hilly region at Chowara and it is very near to Kovalam beach. Delight in the refreshing ambience of the resort along with the powerful healing Ayurveda treatments by the expert professionals. The beautiful setting of the resort is designed to soothe your mind and to get shot of your ailments. Renew yourself in the Ayurvedic resorts of Kerala.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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