Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seven Interview Tips For Fresher

As soon as you get the academic degrees in your hand, you start to upload your career profile to several job portals. A sheer of excitement runs down your spine after you receive your first interview call. Mere thought of interview sends jitters in your mind as to how to shine in the crowd during an interview.

As a fresher, you must be having countless queries revolving in your mind in connection with interviews. From sending job applications to presenting yourself in the front of the interviewer, the journey is not so easy. Clinching a job interview at the first attempt is a hard nut to crack. To bag a designation in a reputed organization, you need to surmount a few steps to get through your desired position. In this article, you will come across seven vital interview tips in order to make your mark in the world of career. Follow the points mentioned below to get the right job clicked.

Explore Yourself

To get a secured position in an esteemed multinational company is a dream of every person. Before you step ahead in the professional world, you should have a look at your flaws and positive attributes. There are many other points to take into account.

  •  No one is proficient in every field of their life. Distinguish between your positive and negative aspects of your field. 
  •  Your area of interests and mastery in a particular stream will help you to impress the interviewer. 
  •  Delving in your skill sets and aptitude will help you to recognize your place in the interview. 
  •  The subjects you lag behind will aid you to hone your negative side. 

Polish Your Personality Traits 

From your body contact to body language, every part of self will notch a point in the interview. Pay heed to the simple sides of interview such as the manner of conversation, etiquettes, confidence and the spirit of your zeal add up to achieve your dream profession.

Highlight The Value Of Time In Your Action

Your sincerity towards the job counts on the value of time you give in your life. Reaching your destination ahead of time should be in your daily habit. To arrive at the scheduled time is what your interviewer looks for. Arriving a few minutes before at your interview location will make a lasting impression at the interviewer's mind.

Be Organized And Precise

Being organized does not mean that you have to showcase your perfectionist skills. To be organized is to show how well and precise are you at your stuff.

  •  Note down the contact details and other essential information in regard to the interview. Keep a back-up copy, if required. 
  •  Arrange the necessary credentials, a few photographs with photocopies of your CV, certificates of curricular activities, pens and a diary to jot down important notes in a neat folder. 
  •  Maintaining a proper decorum and replying relevant answers to the questions asked to you is a mark of your precision can notch up extra points in your interview. 

Be Inquisitive About The Organization

Prior to your interview date, dig into the detail of the organization you are heading to. It is imperative to have an idea on the background of the company along with a thorough knowledge about the ongoing activities of the organization. Understanding the ins and outs of the company you are likely to step in will enhance your career growth.

Train Your Mind To Ask Queries

Cultivate the habit of posing intellectual questions connected to your career prospects and to project your interest to work in the organization. The best way to have a clear picture of the company is to put forth queries on any points you have not been clarified. Any kind of ambiguity can pose a threat in your future goals.

Be A Good Listener And Be Honest

Lend your ears to everything your interviewer has to say. Listening intently to the interviewer's points will portray your serene attitude and a mark of respect for the person. Also, be loyal to your answers. Provide your interviewer with accurate information. Make use of the opportunity of showing your ambitious skills and expertise through an honest and meaningful interaction. Keep interview phobia at your arm's length. Wear the success crown and take interviews in your positive stride by applying the aforementioned interview tips.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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