Saturday, March 7, 2015

Impact Of Media Violence On Children

Have you noticed your kids' behavior recently? 

Does your child's irritation create a bad impact in your family? Do your kids throw tantrums every now and then? Does your child hit your neighbor’s kids for no reason? If you often meet with the aforementioned questions, then it is the high time to ponder on your child's actions. You must have observed such actions of your kids earlier, but might not have paid heed to it. Generally, parents are in the notion that in the adolescent stage or in the early childhood stage, all children tend to behave in a hostile manner. Making physical attacks or using abusive words by kids is often neglected by parents. The facts talk something else.

Whether it is hitting others or causing damages to other's properties, the symptoms reveal the sign of aggression. The aggression in your children is an aftermath of watching extreme media violence. If you are clueless on how media violence can affect your children, then have a glance through the article to know the baneful impacts.

Media--The Reason Of Entertainment And Violence 

With the advent of modern technology, media violence is increasing at a rapid pace around the world. It is not only affecting adults, but also leaving a bad impact on children's health and mind. Children are not immune from media violence, as it can be seen in all the areas of society. From books to games, from movies to websites, violence through media is posing a risk on your children's behavioral patterns. Many a time, you might be brushing off the aggressive conducts of your kids. But, the aggressions are the root cause of media violence. The constant changes of your child's behavior and mood swings are one of the reasons of media violence.

Effects Of Media Violence - Whether it is a piece of news of social violence flashing in a news channel or a fighting scene and knocking off two men in a movie, violence prevails everywhere and it is unavoidable. The scenes of physical assaults, chaos, shrieks of people, commotion, shrewd thoughts, conspiracies, torturous actions portrayed by family members, evil actions between siblings, domestic violence, arguments in a friend circle, killings and other intolerable and traumatic actions can convert a non-violent person into a violent person. Along with adults, kids fall prey to such ruthless actions. The media violence dents a child's mind, resulting in aggressive behavior. The exposure of violence that is shown through the various mediums of technology encourages children to believe and participate in the anti-social activities. The violent contents exhibited in a social media contribute to the factors of frustration and aggression. Young children are more prone to violent contents. A kid's brain is young enough to grasp any kind of violence, culminating into serious crimes. A violent act perceived by a child leaves a profound impact on the mind, which later takes a shape of aggression and violent behaviors towards peers and other people of society. Moreover, the continuous perception of violent acts that has cemented in the young minds, which in turn, changes the process of thinking.

Behavioral And Emotional Changes - The impact of media violence is potent enough to stir a child's emotions. The outcome of the effective media violence can be observed vividly in a child's day to day behavior. Run through your eyes on the behavioral and emotional sides mentioned below. 

  • Negative thoughts make a prominent place in the minds of children. An unknown fear creeps in the children's thoughts, preventing them from taking a positive action. 
  •  Excessive watch of media violence results in the lack of emotions. Children do not much react to affection, compassion, distress and miseries of their close ones. 
  • A malign behavior in children is likely to notice. 
  • Children get tangled in conflict situations. 
  • Children tend to project outrageous behavior in the society. 
  • Children often get succumbed to the life threatening health and mental disorders. 

In the age of internet and websites, it is hard to keep oneself away from media-related stuff. Violence is a common view and exists in every medium of technology. You cannot steer clear of violence acts presented by media. The projection of violent actions has become a part and parcel of entertainment. Safeguard your child's mind from toxic effects of media violence.

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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