Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eight Quick And Easy Ways To Enhance Your Resume

Eight Quick And Easy Ways To Enhance Your Resume A plush office, a high-profile designation on your employee identity card, a high pay scale bring out a sign of dignity and project an executive feel to your corporate outlook. The journey from an academic institution to a cubicle is painstaking. You need to strive to make your position in the corporate set-up. The stepping stone to set your foot in the corporate business world is a precisely well-written resume. You might possess all the necessary qualities that are needed to notch up a job. But, how well are you in writing a resume? To create the first impression in the recruiter's mind is to present a catchy resume. It is your resume which helps you to get into the first step of recruitment process. There have been times when you might have missed out vital interview calls from the potential recruiters. The reasons behind are the misrepresentation of your skills and the lack of relevant information in your resume. Whether you are a newbie in the field of writing a resume or a regular candidate in the stream of job hunting, you must learn the mastery of writing a resume like a professional. Have an overview of the article to get some quick and easy ways to upgrade your resume. Format Thoroughly Make your resume appear attractive by using sections of imperative information. Whether it is your job experiences, curricular activities, or academic degrees, it is best to create sections for each point in order to make the information vivid to the employees. Hence, a proper format of the information can catch your employer's attention on an instant. Organize Your Academic Qualifications Of countless resumes, recruiters look for the candidates with highest qualifications. Make a section of your academic degrees in a chronological manner. Along with the education qualification, write a separate paragraph of your additional academic achievements requisite to meet the desired profession. In addition, emphasize on the foreign language skills, if you know any. Keep in mind to pen down information on the names of institution and the year of passing the degree. Accurate information Be certain of putting across accurate information that is required to catch the employer's interest. Add all the information of your academics, personal and professional accomplishments accurately. Do not showcase your skills which do not tailor your profession. Discard the inessential elements that do not make a right fit in the present job position. Chuck Out Acronyms Make your resume understandable by not inserting acronyms. As per the job industry requirements, acronyms are neither used nor entertained while writing a resume. Keep your resume free from acronyms. Include Hyperlinks In the age of LinkedIn and Twitter, you can display the links of your personal and professional websites to make your resume click in a flash. Hence, mentioning the links of your professional websites is a good catch to gain extra points in your resume. Apply The Correct Font Face And Font Size Do not try to make your resume flowery by applying fancy font face. Insert the Arial font to look the resume crisp and clear. A small font size will not be readable to the readers. Therefore, the range of point size should be between 12 and 14 to make your sentences bright. Make Your Resume Legible Neatly type all the sentences, so that it can be clear enough for your recruiters. To hold a recruiter's interest in your resume, you need to ensure that the attachment files or printed documents of your resume should be appealing and worth-reading. Present An Impeccable Content The apt time to showcase your flawless skills is to keep your resume free from grammar and spelling errors. A grammatical, spelling, or a typo mistake can ruin the chance of clinching your dream profession. Your immaculate resume will make the recruiter believe your sincerity and willingness towards a job. Getting a job is not completely impossible. Elevate the worth of your resume by gaining the proficiency in resume writing. With your earnest efforts and a presentable resume, you can bag the right job. Keep your amateur skills at bay. Get the right exposure in the job market with the help of a striking resume. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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