Monday, January 6, 2014

How Deep a Depression Can be

 You attend your colleague's felicitation party, who has been conferred with a promotion. While your colleague wears a crown of success, you wear a crown of distress on your head and come back home with a bagful of depression. While you clap for others, you imagine yourself to be clapped by others for you. The thoughts of your colleague's achievements give a pierce in your mind. The thoughts of defeat are so up to the brim, making you fall into the pit of depression.

You often encounter with unfavourable situations and you degrade yourself for your failures. You feel down and despair overcasts your mind. The bouts of glum change your thinking process. Later, the blues mould into depression, disrupting your life and the lives of everyone else around you. Unmask the truth of depression: Grief is a reaction to life's setbacks. The feelings of defeat and failure seem intense and no rays of hope dart your heart. No matter how fortunate you are, you are destined to meet with adversities in your life. You are bound to stumble upon the bitter sides of life after having tasted a string of fortunes, and you become an easy prey to depression. When despair takes hold of your mind, it gives rise to hopelessness. To escape the pain you experience within yourself, you choose the path of suicide because you see the doors of hope getting closed before you. When despair goes deep, leaves you mind with suicidal thoughts.
How deep a depression can be?

Aside from physical symptoms, other symptoms need to be highlighted. 

A) Depression clogs your peace of mind, keeping you miserable at all times.
B) Nothing seems to interest you.
C) The feeling of being inferior rules your mind.
D) You have trouble-sleeping because you are deeply perturbed from within.
E) Your tolerance level declines and losing temper on trifles is visible.
F) Depression blocks your thoughts, concentration and decision-making.

Rule out your depression: 

A) Depression drains your energy. Break the shackles of your pessimism.
B) Do not strive to be perfect.
C) Banish 'cannot' from your mind and replace 'can' in your mind.
D) Do not make negative interpretations without real evidence.
E) Be with people who adopt optimism in their turbulent times.
F) Take life in a positive stride.
Bear in mind you are not on this earth to be perfect. You are allotted with your share of work. Give your best shot what life offers you. So what, if you are far away from success-crown. Today, might not be yours. Your honest endeaveours are bound to give their fruits someday, for sure. Why to fall in the pit of sorrows, counting on your today's actions?
Succumbing to depression for something you didn't get will keep you away from something better you can get. Sitting in a corner and cupping your face in your hands won't give you back what you have lost. All you need is to root out the weed of sorrows from your mind before it takes a toll on you. Light the fire of your potentialities, surge ahead, trampling the defeats you meet your way. Life is not to be depressed, but to give your best and be blessed.
"Whatever you believe you can do, you CAN do." 
Author --Aparna Mukherjee

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