Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Positive Approach For Personal Expansion

You have your daily deadline to meet. On top of that, your team-leader dumps on you a last-minute project report to be prepared in an hour. Your child's illness has already been a cause of worry. To top it, you have been called to visit the bank-manager on that day when no one is at home to look after your child. As soon as alarm goes off in the morning, your multi-tasking gets started to meet everyone's needs, resulting in a headache, tension in the neck and crankiness. These are the signals of your body to tell you that you have been ambushed by stress. Life throws curvy balls at you, and you spend your life Juggling to maintain a balance. In this process, you lose your peace of mind. Be a personal or a professional life, the never-ending demands, deadlines, hassles leave a nerve-racking impact in your Personality.  Stress in small doses instigates to give your best shot. But, racing yourself to fit in the best place can be baneful for your body and mind. 

How Stress Can Its Toll On Your Health?

Body has its own way of informing you the dangers through symptoms. When in stress, you meet with muscle tension, neck and back ache; fatigue; chest ache with rapid heartbeats; loss of appetite; memory problems; short temper; irritability; anxiety. Seeking for medications to get shot of stress is of no avail. No medicines will lessen your family chores, hours won't get long, deadlines won't get stopped, your bills won't give you concessions, or price hikes won't be free of cost.  Cope Up With Stress: Stress is a part and parcel of life, with no way out. No person on earth is immune to stress.  Some people don't let stress affect them by taking charge of their thoughts, emotions, feelings and the skill to tackle problems. Some helpful tips mentioned below can come to avail in the period of stress.

1.       Keep in mind that there is a key to a problem. When you are in stress, don't dwell in your worries. Instead, ponder on what is the key to your worries.

2.       If you are slated with a host of tasks, don't rush into doing all your stuff at once, as you will end up in mess. Enlist your duties and act on them one by one.

3.       There is no point brooding over your problems. Don't think 'Why it is?' But think 'How you can'? Find the root cause of your problems. Take control of your problems before they take control on you and make you paralyse.

4.       Manage your time effectively by focusing on priorities.

5.       Your negative thoughts land you in a tensed situation. Enrich the quality of thoughts by planting a positive approach in life. Shifting your perspective from negative to positive can make wonders.

6.       Stop squandering your mind on petty thoughts, as they will drag you down.

7.       There are people who are in situations worse than you. If they can come up in life, so can you.

8.       Make aim on the quality of work, not the quantity. Leave the least important work to the last. Work on the task that counts the most.

9.       Don't collapse after having met with problems. Fan your potentialities that cloud over in times of stress. The task that life has set before you is not beyond your strengths and limits.

10.   Push your will-power when odds seem to be insurmountable. You are more than what you actually think yourself to be. 

A positive approach in life will forge a strong character in you. Tackling your woes with a calm mind and an optimistic thought will expand your personality.  When life knocks you down, engrave the golden words in your mind,

“No hurdle is too high to overcome. No challenge is too tough to surmount. No crisis is too hot to cool down."  -- Aparna Mukherjee

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