Thursday, January 2, 2014

Emotions in the Expression of Emoticons

Today you are in the seventh heaven for having achieved something you have been toiling for long. You are flushing with excitement and eager to express your heyday to your dear ones. You go to dial your loved one's number, you halt for a minute, something crosses your mind and you put your phone
back to the place.
You switch on to 'create message' of your phone or log in to your email to type your biggest moment of life, followed by emoticons. The receiver of your email or text is glad to know your accomplishment and your overwhelming expression of joys in the form of emoticons. They could have been more elated if you would have expressed it by way of a direct communication. In the days of digital communication, we prefer to take the short-cut means to show our inner feelings via texts, emails and animated emotions. But we forget that our emotions are best expressed when they are said and shown in real.
'Yippieeeeee' :-) :-) :-) fail to show your real uncontrolled elation. In the age of chats, messenger, we chat, the means of online communication do their jobs of expressing oneself and here 'emoticons' come into play. Instead of giving free expression of various shades of emotions in front of the people, we seek aid of instant animated icons. Either we think our straightforward lines might go unnoticed or our outburst of emotions might seem to be shocking and weird, so we pick emoticons. Live human contact is slowly becoming a history.
People are so much in love with emoticons that after every expression of feelings, an emotion is sure to be seen. While you pay heed to emoticons, you skip to notice the actual ongoing emotions behind the pictorial emotions. The feelings of joy, anger, love, dismay and so forth can be felt by the tone of the voice, bodily posture and body language. A digital communication cannot potray your physical implications what the one-on-one communication can do. The popularized use of 'emoticons' are growing so steadily that human' emotions got dug in these animated emotional icons. Your facial expressions and body language can speak thousand words what emoticons cannot. Do not let emoticons take a toll in your personal relations. Keep pictorial expressions at bay and be better at expressing yourself through face and voice than alphabets and emotional icons. Do not get your emotions digitalised.

Author -Aparna Mukherjee.

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