Friday, June 26, 2015

Snuggle In The Enchanting Hill Station Of Coorg

Snuggle In The Enchanting Hill Station Of Coorg You must have visited top-notch tourist spots of India, but have you ever thought of to set your foot in the pollution-free location of Coorg? Energize yourself in the sought-after destination of southern region. Do you want to know more about the rich culture and diversity of the place? Have an overview of the article to get a glimpse of the fascinating tourist spot named Coorg. What Makes Coorg Unique? Coorg is widely known as the Scotland of India. The unmatched beauty of the region makes Coorg a picturesque hill station of Karnataka. The eye-catching place is situated at the Western Ghats and it looks like a dazzling gem stone as the place is surrounded by lush greenery. The untouched beauty and the breath-taking scenic views have made Coorg the most loved tourist spot of Southern India. If you stay in South India or you hail from a different state, Coorg is the perfect vacation spot to unwind with your dear ones. The captivating hill station beckons all travel enthusiasts to have a leisure stay amidst hills and landscapes. The valleys and mountains incite trekkers for an adventurous trek. No doubt, the place is of a great tourist interest as you have sundry activities to see and partake. The thrills and chills of the hill station are sure to sweep off your feet. Things To Do • If you derive pleasures from adventures, then you must head on to trek amidst tall mountains and steep valleys. No wonder, the mystic valleys will provide a lot of thrills and excitements in your trekking days. •There are several sightseeing places to enhance the interest of your stay. The popular Abbey Falls is a worth watching spot. The sight of Kaveri river water when gushes down and dashes against the rocks is indeed a splendid sight. View the orange glow of the sun setting behind the hills which makes the sunset point a spectacular location. • For religious people, one can seek peace in the primitive and well-known shrine at Omkareshwar temple. The temple has its historical significance. The architecture of the temple is unique. Delve in the history of the time of Tipu Sultan by visiting Madikeri fort. The fort is filled with exciting mini spots such as a church, a palace and a lot more in store for you. Spend some time in Talacauvery and bask in the glory of natural surroundings. • People who are fond of water sports can straight away head on to the Barapole River. The spot is renowned for river rafting. Indulge in the thrills of rafting with other adventure enthusiasts. • Lastly, do not miss out shopping and dining after coming to a beautiful travel destination. Gorge in the cuisines of the region. The mouth-watering blends of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies cooked in the food joints increase the appetite of foodies. Make sure to binge in the Coorg special menus, as the entire region is equally known for catering its tourist a wide range of Chinese and north-Indian lip-smacking dishes. • Shopping in Coorg is a must for all shopaholics. Shop your desired products at Kushal Nagar market. Cherry-pick your favorite items from the market and deck up your home with best art pieces. Ensure to shop aromatic spices to give a dash of flavor to your meals. Also, the chocolates, wine, fruits and coffee are the essential items to purchase. Best Time To Visit The place is blessed with pleasant climate throughout the year. Monsoon lovers can visit the place from June to September. To snuggle in the chilly climate, you should visit in the months of December, January and February. Let loose yourself from November to April to boost your energy and inhale the fresh air of fog-filled mountainous ranges. How To Reach? Reach the crowd-pleasing place by air, train and bus. People residing nearby Coorg can easily take the bus services that start from Mysore and Bengaluru. To reach the hill station, the closest railway station that connects the place is Mysore. People who travel by air, the nearest airport will be Mangalore and Bengaluru airports. What are you waiting for? Feel the warm sunshine in the midst of cold breeze of the striking hilly region, Coorg. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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