Monday, June 1, 2015

Effects Of Financial Hitches And Emotional Intelligence In A Relationship

Effects Of Financial Hitches And Emotional Intelligence In A Relationship The more you have, the more you want is the current demand of life. Humans have always considered financial pleasures as one of the vital pleasures of life. In a bid to fulfill one's desires of achieving more, you let loose the bond of love after a certain period of time. Financial independence triumphs over your life, making you fall apart in your romantic relationship. Before it gets too late to bring love back in your life, you should know how the financial hardships and emotional intelligence teach you in a relationship. Financial problems will always persist in the life of human beings. You cannot rid yourself from monetary crunches as it is a part and parcel of life. To stave off the financial hassles, you tend to work more to make your loved ones happy. In the process of living a plush life, you devote much of your time in crediting and increasing your bank balance. While you are busy in making dollars and pounds, you move away from the love of the person you have in your life. Run your eyes through the article to know more on the subject. Lose Empathy Do you realize your financial hitches affect your emotional intelligence? Unknowingly, there happens to be an emotional distance from your side and most often, you do not realize it as your mind is occupied in adding up the money to your bank account. You lose the grip of emotions from your near ones by investing your time in making money which later leads you lose empathy from your relationship. Fail To Know Your Partner's Emotional Needs To fulfill your external pleasures, you overlook the emotional pains of the people around you. You fail to realize that the person you are in love with is going through an emotional trauma and requires an emotional support. By not paying heed to your partner's emotional sufferings, you fail to identify the increasing problems mounting in your relationship. Stress Hovers In Your Relationship Owing to lack of attention and emotional care for your partner, you welcome stress to make a gap in the relation. Your indifferent attitude towards your partner takes its toll on your emotional intelligence, resulting in stress and pushing you and your partner into a mid-life crisis. Hence, do not let the financial hiccups run your emotional intelligence, ruining your relationship forever. Keep your financial stress at bay. Bolster your emotional intelligence to have a long- lasting relationship. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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