Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tick off the healthy living to fight against ageing

Often, mirror is one of the causes of agony and happiness. How? Either your face falls flat or a glow blushes your face.
'Hey, Gorgeous' is all human ears want to hear.

Does your young look tricks your age? 

Don't you wish to hear 'You look so young'? 
In the process to look young, you leave no stones unturned. You cherry-pick the best skin care products that will conceal your age, along with the radiance on your face to go for years. The constant concern to look young makes you experiment several lotions and anti-ageing creams to sustain your glowing look at all times. In a bid to fish compliments, you slip your mind that to have a healthy glow from outside; you need to ingest a healthy diet and a healthy living from inside.

Causes Of Ageing: Ageing is inevitable and a bitter universal truth. One who has been in the peak of youth will have to go through the phase of ageing. The only difference is some people age far faster; whereas, some manage to hold their age. Factors contribute to ageing are hormones, environment, poor diet, stress and exposure to diseases.  How you wish to make a stop at the pause button of ageing! Counting on beauty products to hide your ageing signs is not a wise way out. Although, you can't stop the clock from the process of ageing, certain measures can be taken from your part to slow down the ageing beforehand. Read below to know how to fight against ageing.

Anti-Ageing Diet: A healthy diet keeps your ageing at arm's length. 

Hence, delight in the foods that buffer the ageing process. As you grow older, your body makes home of diseases, leaving a bad impact on the skin. Dabbing cosmetics will give you a transient glow, but a right diet will gift you a fresh look for years. It is requisite to have a healthy eating that will safeguard your illness and prolong your longevity with vitality in the years to come. The key is to crush the unhealthy diet to prevent looking aged at an early age. To slow down the ageing, fill your plates with fruits, vegetables, fishes of Omega-3, nuts and whole grains. To prevent the signs of ageing, go for age-defying foods like leafy greens, tomatoes, blueberries and carrots, as they protect your healthy cells from getting damaged. Give your skin the right medicine by selecting foods rich in flavonoids and carotenoids from pre-mature ageing.

Top Anti-Ageing Tips: Having a desire to look younger than your age is no wrong.

To look younger, it isn't necessary to break the bank on expensive treatments. Although, anti-ageing cosmetics and pricey treatments can slow down your age artificially, but can leave a host of side-effects behind. The secret is self-treatment. Much of what you can do is to make time for yourself daily to take proper care to have a youthful appearance. Have a look at the rundown of the things you need to do to look vibrant in the ensuing years:

  1. Try to have a disease-free body by incorporating a healthy living. 
  2. Keep your body flexible by taking interest in exercise. A regular workout is the best age defiers. 
  3. Be choosy in your eating habits. Don't gorge in what your eyes see in the serving bowls. 
  4. Have a sound sleep. Unload the worry from your mind when you are off to bed at night. 
  5. Give your mind a mental massage by yoga and meditation. 
  6. Shield your skin from the exposure of sun-rays by applying sunscreen and by using sunglasses. 
  7. Quit smoking and alcohol.  Staying younger forever isn't in your control. 

Something you can take charge is not to reflect the age before time by following the above mentioned tips. Being mindful and proactive in your actions toward ageing can help you live your later years of life with grace. Feel young as you age and stay youthful in the years to come.

 Author- Aparna Mukherjee.

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