Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shed The Flab To Be Fab

Be a roadside fastfood or a lip smacking junk food plates out in malls, which draws your mind to binge on more than a healthy diet at home, isn't it?

Finger licking good dishes when dish out in a platter increase the appetite and push one to eat more. Many a time, we eat more than required just because the food tastes delectable to tongue, but gives back a diseased health. When we consume a large portion of unhealthy diet, the extra energy stored gets converted into fats. And the fats shape our size from fab to flab. Goes without saying, plump babies look cute. But with their growing age, their plump looks no longer be a sight for sore eyes.

The fats, if ignored in childhood can take the shape of obesity in adulthood. Owing to sedentary lifestyles, obesity is growing rapidly, leaving unhealthy and lethargic bodies behind. According to World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 400 million adults and around 20 million children are down with obesity. By calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI), you can find out if you are a victim of the monster disease named Obesity.

What Is Obesity?

When a person's excess body fat gets accumulated to a high degree, resulting in overweight and an adverse effect on health.

What Causes Obesity?  

With the growing number of food joints, people are inclined towards colourful junk foods to please their appetite but are hazardous for health. Sweetened beverages and snack meals are oftenthe targets of young children, which are high in calories and a major cause of obesity.  Factors Associated With Obesity In Children And Adults: In a cut-throat competition where studies consume a child's time, skipping breakfast or lunch slows down the body's metabolism, turning the child inactive and lethargic.

Also, watching television during meals should not be entertained. A child needs to enjoy his/her meal, instead of glueing eyes on the television set. A right diet and a physical activity should be in a child's regime to rule out obesity. As for adults, obesity makes its abode in those bodies who gorge on food but laze around to make efforts in physical activities. After ingesting high amounts of energy from your diet with no movements, such as walk or exercise, can lead to the surplus energy turn into fats. Many people spend a big chunk of hours sitting at a desk in office or those who count on their four wheelers rather than travelling distances on foot, the energy consumed do not burn off.

Relishing on hamburgers, fries or any such spicy food, with no physical activity, result in obese. Hence, it is imperative to wean yourself off from petty habits of indulging in yummy delectable. Obesity does not take place in an instant. A poor lifestyle brings you closer to the disease.

Other Factors Of Obesity: A family heredity could be one of the factors of obesity. Certain healthcare drugs like antidepressants or contraceptive pills can be the reason of unnecessary weight gain. Seek for a medical checkup from time to time.

Diseases Linked To Obesity: Obesity dents your health in the form of coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gynecological problems, stroke, sleep and respiratory problems, liver and gall bladder hassles.

Remedy: Dietary changes and workout can punch obesity. One needs to follow a healthy diet to get shot of the disease. Consult with your healthcare provider for the amount of calories you need to consume. Curb your insatiable craving for processed and fattening foods and switch to foods rich in volume but low in calories. Alongside of diet, have a one-to-one consultation with your physical trainer to train you in the physical activities requisite for a healthy and toned body.

A little effort from your part can make a huge difference for your good health. Walk around frequently, take the stairs instead of the elevator, a leisure walk in the garden, trim your excess fats in the gym and so forth. A diseased body is a step closer to death. Who does not wish to have a healthy body and in trim? All you need to do is banish greed of unhealthy diet and give a change to your taste bud by enjoying a nutritious meal.

"Gasping to be in trim, wishing for a toned body. How can you get it guys, if a healthy living you never try."   Author - Aparna Mukherjee

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