Thursday, August 13, 2015

Five Top Restaurants Of Troncones Point

Five Top Restaurants Of Troncones Point Who does not like to eat tasty delicacies? At times, you give a break to your cooking schedule and head to a restaurant to give a change to your taste buds. Whether it is a celebratory moment or to relish in different cuisines, exotic setting, interior and pleasant ambience pep up the eating spirit of food lovers. Trying out delectable in a newly opened eatery is a trend nowadays. You must have observed that foodies hunt for the locations where new food joint has been set up. Whether you hang out with friends, go for a business meet, cheeses off from cooking, or indulge in mouth-watering dishes with your family, dining out lifts up your mood and infuses a new wave of interest for cooking. Food is indeed a viral part for any occasions. Especially, when you are out for a vacation, binging on delicacies of the region is a must. By trying out the local cuisine of the place, you get to know the culture of the country. Can you deny that good is not an imperative part of your getaway? If Troncones Point is in the list of your next vacation spot, then you must visit five top eateries of the region to please your appetite. To know more, glance through the article to get a glimpse of the renowned restaurants of Troncones Point. 1) Roberto's Bistro: The garlic shrimps of the mentioned restaurant is worth a shot. Of several dishes, the juicy garlic shrimps are indeed one of the tasty dishes you can find here. Indulging in the lip-smacking meals at the beachfront restaurant enhances the taste of the foods. Because of the exotic setting, Roberto's Bistro is an acclaimed restaurant of the town. The yummy steak, salsa, fish fillet can make you drool over the food. The steaks when garnished with grilled peppers, potato, sauce and onions, the taste of the meal increases the appetite of all food lovers. Join in to taste more of the delectable menus. 2) Playa La Majahua: Closer to the sea lies the famous restaurant Playa La Majahua. Feast your eyes on the tasty seafood of the mentioned restaurant. Have fish machaca in your appetizer which is one of the popular dishes prepared over here. What better than to gorge in the toothsome sea foods with margaritas. The fish tacos served in the plates are simply mouth-watering. The friendly service provided by the restaurant upgrades the taste of seafood. Do not forget to try coconut shrimp and oysters for your dinner menus. 3) Cafe Pacifico: What is in the platter? With Wifi service available in the restaurant, it makes the ambience a full-fledged chill-out place. You can try out great snacks catered by the food joint. Sip on the espressos and get engrossed in the view of the ocean. The toothsome menus were vegetarian dips and salad. For breakfast and supper, this Bistro is worth a visit. The sumptuous breakfast and a variety of coffee served in the outdoor cafe make the ambience cool and refreshing. People who come to try out the munchies are sure to get addicted to the avocado omelets. The hospitality of the staff is commendable. 4) Cafe Sol: If you and your kids are fond of cookies, then you must go to Cafe Sol. The crunchy chocolate chip cookies are simply delish. Looking at the splendid sights of the beach, you can delight in coffees, bakery foods and small eats. The yummy pizzas made in the restaurant will satiate your appetite and you will crave to have more. 5) Jardin Del Eden: From breakfast to dinner, binge on the tasty delicacies of the eminent restaurant. Different cuisines, great setting and soothing ambience, all make the food count truly delightful. Have a musical dinner time at night. The eatery of Troncones gifts its foodies a salsa night band accompanied with delicious dishes of the town. Savor the authentic flavors of grilled chicken, mahimahi veracruzana, ceviche with mango and avocado and beef arranchera chimichurri were some of the lip-smacking dishes of the well-known restaurant. The exotic set-up of the restaurant makes the environment peppy. Let the spicy taste of crabs, prawns, lobsters, tuna, shrimp and salmon drive your mind on yummy meals and satisfy your hunger. Get out of your busy zone and give a boost to your energy by having the best and healthy foods of Troncones. Dining in an enclosed space has become a daily routine of life. It is the time to dine out in front of the beach amidst the natural landscape of Troncones Point. Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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