Thursday, February 12, 2015

Moving Tips For College Students

Finally, the entrance results are declared and you rejoice with your friends and family for coming out with flying colors. Amidst of exhilaration of the outstanding result, dismay makes a place in the corner of your heart. The thoughts of leaving your home makes you feel disheartened. It is the time to leave your cozy home and adjust yourself in a cramped dorm room. To make your career shine in the crowd, you have to come out of the shell. Some may find it exciting to stay with new friends and classmates away from one's home. Something to keep in mind is your dorm room will not be spacious as your home. Hence, you have to be mindful when moving your favorite stuff to the hostel room. For years together you have been into the habits of comforts. Your family has left no stones unturned to cater all the best comforts to you. But after shifting to the hostel room, you will come in contact with the life you have never experienced before. The decorative bookshelf, your most liked comics and novels, your study table with swivel chair, awards, trophies and medals, the spacious bed and so on may not be there in your dorm room to provide the year-long comforts to you. Missing your best-loved stuff is natural. You do not have to lose heart on leaving behind your comfortable life of your home.

With some smart ways, you can take few of your treasured stuff to your dorm room. College life is so much fun. Do not step out of your home with a heavy heart. Even if you stay away from the luxuries of your home, you can get the comforts of your home to an extent in your dorm room. How is it possible? Read in this article to know useful and essential tips you need to follow when moving. It is true you cannot carry the entire stuff of your room to your new dorm room. But to keep the memory alive of your adored objects, you can carry few of them by using the strategy of smart packing when you move. While you are busy in weaving dreams of your career, you may not know that by way of effective packing, you can build up your new living area with the less possible hassles. Read through the points mentioned below to have an idea about your move.

1) Visit Your Dorm Room: You must have visited to your new college for admission procedures and other formalities. Were not you curious to visit your college hostel? Certainly, your curiosity to see your new home must have taken you to pay a visit to the hostel. Have you looked at your dorm room carefully? If you have not yet got a chance to have a look at your dorm room, then make time to have a glance properly in your next visit. Before you sit down with pen and paper to make a lengthy checklist of the list of stuff you plan to move in your hostel room, find out the items that are available in the room. Having a look to the items that are present in your dorm room will give you an idea on the things you need to take with you. You do not have to pack and carry the same things that are already available in your dorm room. Every dorm room will have a bed, desk, chair and the necessary furniture that are required for your living. Also, you will get an idea about the space of the dorm room. You can start your packing items as per the space of the room.

2) Pack The Basics: You do not have to rush into packing all the items at once. Start with the basic items which are required for your daily needs such as first aid kit, towels, soaps, coffee mugs, coffee maker and so on. After you settle in your dorm room for a week, you can start making the second list of items you would require to have in your living space. When you visit your home next time, you can bring along the leftover items with you. This will make your packing comfortable.

3) Follow The Rule Book: Every college has a rule book which they dole out to the students. In a rule book, you will come across several points to be followed during your academic years. You will also get to read about the materials provided to the hostel students. There will be points on the loading and unloading the items in the campus. You will get an idea what kind of belongings you are allowed to keep in the dorm room. Get to know above the packing restrictions in the campus. Consider the points mentioned in the rule book and follow them seriously for your convenient move.

4) Pack Stuff In Containers: One of the safer ways to pack your belongings is to pack them in containers. Placing your stuff inside the containers will safeguard from getting damaged. You will not have to fear about losing your prized items during your move. Placing all the stuff together inside the containers will keep your items intact. The upside of using the containers for packing is you can reuse them later. Do not slip your mind to label the containers, as it will help you get your stuff organized after you move in to your new dorm room.

5) Pack The Essential Tools: You can always have some extra stuff handy with you in times of emergency. On certain occasions when you will find the legs of chairs are wobbling or some screws need to be fixed in the drawers. In such places, you should have tools handy with you. Carry a separate box of tools such as hammer, wrench, nails, screw driver and screws to fix the furniture. It is recommended to have a set of tools for any repairs you come across in your college days. Always remember, you will never get the same comforts in your dorm room you have been experiencing at your home all these years. Be prepared to adjust with the new lifestyle of your college years.

6) Converse With Your Roommate: Imagine you bring your favorite study lamp to place on the study table in your dorm room. At the same time, you get to see your roomies have already brought the same thing and got placed on the table. To avoid such confusions, it is better to talk with your roommate in advance about the belongings that are about to move in the dorm room. The same stuff which you and your roommate plan to carry in the room will create disorder in the space.

7) Laundry Supplies: Check with your college authority about the provision of laundry supplies in your hostel. You may find hangers and laundry hamper in the dorm room. If your college does not provide laundry stuff, then you can pack them when you move in your dorm room.

8) Communication System: Your college hostel will certainly have telephones installed and you will get the leisure of talking at a stipulated time. You can take your personal cell phone with you for your convenience. Always have a check on the coverage area of your cell phone and then adjust the mobile talk time plans accordingly.

9) Get Organized: There will be countless packing boxes loaded in the campus. Of countless boxes, you may find tough to locate your boxes. To get your boxes easily, stick labels bearing the names of items along with your name. This will help you figure out your boxes in a convenient way.

10) Do Not Rush: Have ample time for packing your belongings before you settle in your dorm room. Seek a helping hand from the members of your family in packing and moving. Be patient in your move. Start your new life with anticipation of positive hopes. Happy moving!

Writer: Aparna Mukherjee

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